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Wonder's Story

I knew I was pregnant. 
Before I got the positive test on January 5th, I simply knew. I would like to say that I was filled with hope and courage but I admit that those things felt a million miles away. 
I was unable to envision a little sandy haired Wagner Baby. I couldn’t picture what life would be like with this little one. I couldn’t see beyond the elephant in the room - the word I absolutely despise. The word “miscarriage” seemed permanently tattooed across my forehead. I couldn’t escape the thought that I would never get to meet this baby.
But the Lord gave me a name.
Upon sharing my news with trusted friends and a few family members, I realized that several of my friends were pregnant as well! Truly I was happy for them. But I couldn’t shake the thought, “Great, now I will have to watch my friends go on to have healthy pregnancies while I mourn, to remind me of all the milestones I will never see with this baby.” 
But the Lord gave me a name. 
My word for 2018 was “REMEMBER” and boy,…