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Faith and Joy's Story

We wanted to wait a few weeks to go to the OBGYN after finding out we were pregnant again. The visits to the doctor in early pregnancy have always caused me such anxiety; the unknowns, the inconclusiveness. So I waited. For about 4 weeks I was able to enjoy my pregnancy in ignorant - although nauseous - bliss.
I had some blood work done about a week before our first sonogram, my HCG levels came back extremely high. Our first sonogram confirmed what I already knew in my heart to be true.
Twins. Two babies. TWO. BABIES.
I knew it all along. I had a feeling early in my pregnancy that there was more than one baby growing inside me.
But the sonogram was not all happy news.
We saw the first baby right away with a relatively slow heart rate of 89 bpm, but it was strong, clearly seen and measured. The technician asked about my ovulation dates and cautiously noticed that the baby was measuring small and two weeks off. She was able to get a great picture of the first baby for us.
Initially …