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Glory's Story

"5 positive pregnancy tests. 2 healthy babies. 2 miscarriages. 1 complete unknown.
There is this misconception in our faith that if we learn the lessons the Lord would have us learn in our pain, that we can cross that hardship off the list and never have to walk that road again. That if we walk around loudly enough in the victory of healing and acceptance that the Lord would not allow the same pain to repeat itself. After all, why would a good God heal us only to rip open the wound and leave us hemorrhaging faith all over again?"

I wrote these words two weeks ago; a couple weeks after we found out we were unexpectedly pregnant, one day before finding out that we would most likely be losing another baby in early miscarriage. 
The night that I saw that second line on the pregnancy test, I was honestly upset. I had no intention of getting pregnant, in fact it was my plan to not get pregnant this year. With the knowledge of every previous pregnancy has been excitement, planning and…