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28 March 2017

Levi Allen: Nine Months


Daphne has become so sweet towards her baby brother, she frequently tells him "I love you Evi!", "I missed you Evi!", "Goodmornin' Evi!" She loves for him to chase her around the house, he's surprisingly fast. She also loves to "love on" him, giving him kisses, rubbing her face against his face (he's not a big fan of that one), holding his hands and her new favorite is pretending he's a horse and trying to ride on his back (he's not a big fan of that one either). I've caught her referring to him as "E" several times, I think its adorable that she's given him a little nickname. 


Levi has been constantly nursing around 4-5 AM and then going back down and waking up around 7 AM. He has also developed a routine of waking up at 3 AM every. single. night. just to scream. An hour after he wakes for the day we give him 4 oz of pureed baby food, a few puffs or a teething wafer and sometimes a straw cup with watered down apple juice. He goes down for a nap about an hour and a half after waking up and sleeps for about an hour. We repeat this wake/eat/play routine throughout the day. The mid morning routine tends to fluctuate as I try really hard to make it so that both kids are down for their afternoon naps at the same time. 

Levi is very different from Daphne and is less attached to a routine, which kind of makes it difficult for me because I loved the set routine with Daphne! But being the second kid you kind of have to roll with the punches and that means being forced to be a bit more flexible than Daphne had to be. 


  • His mama

  • Crawling around the apartment - he's so fast!

  • Nestor - he now sleeps with both of his wubbanubs and has a hard time falling asleep if one is missing. 

  • Yelling - especially if you yell back at him, he loves that game!

  • Clicking his tongue - if you know us Haughtons fairly well, you know that we have this "click" that we can all do. It started out as Dad's way to get our attention during church. Levi is obviously a natural - its the "Haughton" in his blood!

  • We have taken him to the park a few times and he loves to swing!

  • Weight: Haven't weighed him since his last appointment.
  • Length: Haven't measured him since his last appointment. 
  • Clothing: Levi is wearing 6-9 month clothes. 
  • Diapers: Levi is wearing size 3 diapers. Although yesterday's blowout might be an indicator that we need to go ahead and move up a size...    


  • Started saying "MAMA"!

  • Can sit up well with no help

  • Levi is a crawling machine!

  • Levi loves to clap!

  • Levi met his Papaw and Great Grandma Louise during our last trip to Tulsa!


  • Teething - I'm pretty sure it is at the root of why he has been so fussy this month, and so clingy!  


Levi nurses around 6 times a day. He has been nursing on one side per feeding for about 3-4 minutes. He has also been getting a 4 oz. jar/pouch about 1 hour after nursing for breakfast and another 4 oz. jar/pouch after his lunch nursing session. He gets 4 oz. of baby food 45 min - 1 hour after his evening nursing session for dinner. We've also been offering him puffs and teething wafers at every meal and have just recently started to offer him watered down juice in a straw sippy cup. 


Levi still sleeps in a sleep sack in the pack and play in our room for all his naps and bedtime. He usually naps for about 1 - 2 hours at a time and he typically takes 3 naps a day. He goes down for the night around 7:30 PM. We always put him down awake and he usually cuddles his Nestor paci while sucking on his other Nestor paci and goes right to sleep.


  • Shows that he knows some words
  • Plays peekaboo by himself

  • Challenges others to play a game (usually the "yell back and forth game")


  • Levi cut his first tooth this month! He has been abnormally fussy and has been wanting to nurse more. 

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