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Levi Allen: Nine Months

SIBLING LOVEDaphne has become so sweet towards her baby brother, she frequently tells him "I love you Evi!", "I missed you Evi!", "Goodmornin' Evi!" She loves for him to chase her around the house, he's surprisingly fast. She also loves to "love on" him, giving him kisses, rubbing her face against his face (he's not a big fan of that one), holding his hands and her new favorite is pretending he's a horse and trying to ride on his back (he's not a big fan of that one either). I've caught her referring to him as "E" several times, I think its adorable that she's given him a little nickname. 
ROUTINE Levi has been constantly nursing around 4-5 AM and then going back down and waking up around 7 AM. He has also developed a routine of waking up at 3 AM every. single. night. just to scream. An hour after he wakes for the day we give him 4 oz of pureed baby food, a few puffs or a teething wafer and sometimes a straw …