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30 January 2017

Levi Allen: Seven Months


Daphne has entered the phase of toddlerhood where she enjoys reminding people what is "hers" and when it's "my turn". So there has definitely been a little more relationship between Daphne and Levi, usually consisting of Daphne playing with Levi and him grabbing her hair and her running to me to tell me that "Eevi hurt my hair!!". So that's a new development. But Daphne still absolutely adores Levi, she thinks his jabbers are "too cute" and she is always saying "Eevi! He too funny!" haha Levi is still completely obsessed with Daphne, he follows her every move, he does try to roll away from her when she starts to love on him a little too hard. But right now their relationship is so sweet and I love watching them start to play more together. 

This isn't a great picture but Daphne and Levi were playing and I caught him pulling his knees up to try to crawl!


Levi's daily routine has become pretty consistent. He typically nurses around 6-6:30 AM and then goes right back to sleep and wakes for the day around 8-8:30 AM. We've introduced solids this month so he will get one jar of baby food about 45 min - 1 hour after he nurses for breakfast, then he goes down for a nap. His nap times vary, sometimes only lasting 45 minutes and sometimes closer to 1.5 hours. The eat, play, sleep schedule has been working well for us so we continue that pattern throughout the day (we have been following a 2-3 hour schedule - depending on his mood). He gets another jar of baby food 45 min - 1 hour after he nurses around 12 PM and then two jars of baby food 45 min - 1 hour after he nurses at 6 PM. He has been going to bed around 7:30 PM and a couple weeks ago has magically, FINALLY started sleeping through the night! 

**There have been some days where we have been out or there is just a busy day at home and Levi doesn't get jars of baby food. I've not been stressed about it though since we're introducing solids and its not super critical since he still nurses frequently. 

The Friday and Saturday morning routine nowadays. "Quiet time" is much less quiet. 


  • He loves when I sing to him, not in a soothing lullaby kind of way, but when I sing loud, upbeat songs. Is he Carson's kid or what?! 

  • Music - even more so than Daphne! And although he seems to like all genres, his favorite seems to be upbeat songs (specifically Justin Timberlake's "September"...he goes crazy!). Carson said watching him love music so much is like watching your son catch a football for the first time, he's so proud! haha

  • Mama - I'm definitely still his favorite, which I am A OK with...

  • Daphne - she has been making him laugh so much lately!

  • Bouncing in his exerciser - especially when there is music playing!

  • Snuggling - this boy will snuggle with just about anyone!

  • Solids - we can't shovel in the food fast enough! The jury's still out on carrots and peas, but he is a big fan of apples, bananas and pears. 

  • His taggy blanket

  • Nestor - he has been loving his paci more these days

  • Trying to roll over on his changing table while we try to change his diapers - not our favorite thing

  • Weight: Haven't weighed him since his last appointment.
  • Length: Haven't measured him since his last appointment. 
  • Clothing: He is comfortably in 6-9 months, sometimes more 9 month clothing fits better. He is all out of his 3-6 month clothes. 
  • Diapers: Size 3  

Levi has grown so much, but he's still a little short for his high chair tray!


  • Levi started rolling over at 6 months but he has been actively rolling across the floor now! 

  • Levi has started hiking his knees up, looking like he's about to crawl! Daphne did the same thing around this age but never truly crawled until closer to 9 months if I remember correctly. 

  • Our church's weekly women's Bible studies have started back up so he has started spending time in the nursery on Wednesday mornings. 

  • Levi has started to prop himself up with his arms for longer periods of time.


  • When he can no longer see Mom or Dad in the room.

  • Sometimes he doesn't like eating baby food. It's very random (I've been thinking maybe it has something to do with teething or even gas pains). But occasionally he will start crying like he's been hurt or something in the middle of eating, kind of startling! 

  • When we put his shirts on it literally takes his breath away and he is not a big fan! 

  • When sister cuddles him a little too hard, he starts rolling away and he makes the funniest faces!


  • baby very fussy after introducing apples
  • baby wearing coats
  • backpack diaper bag
  • 6 month old fussy while eating pureed food
  • sore throat in baby
  • 6 month old suddenly refusing solids


Levi is still nursing about 8-9 times a day, every 2-3 hours. He has been nursing on one side per feeding for about 5 minutes or so. We've also introduced solids this month! He has been getting a 2 oz. jar about 45 min - 1 hour after nursing for breakfast and another 2 oz. jar after his lunch nursing session. He gets 4 oz. of baby food 45 min - 1 hour after his evening nursing session for dinner. I have been giving him the same flavor 3x a day for 3-4 days (which I admit is overly cautious) to see if he has any allergic reactions. So far he has tried bananas, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, prunes, peas and carrots. 


Levi started out this month sleeping in his zipadde-zip for every nap and at bedtime. I have now started putting him in a regular minky sleep sack. He still takes all his naps and sleeps during the night in his pack and play in our room. His naps last anywhere from 45 min - 2 hours and he typically takes 3-4 of those a day. He goes down for the night around 7:30 PM. He has gotten really great at putting himself to sleep! There are still some nights where I will rock him for an extended time (which is always more for me than for him hah), but for the most part we give him his paci and a "comfort toy" and he rolls over and falls asleep on his own. 


  • Blows air and raspberries
  • Throws things
  • Pulls knees up and backward scoots across the floor


  • Levi received his second dose of the flu shot this month. 

  • Levi's stool has changed significantly since starting solids and there were a few days where I noticed it was particularly difficult for him to pass stool. We gave him prunes the next day for each feeding in hopes that it would soften things up and soon regretted that decision as he had the BIGGEST BLOWOUT of life. The picture is attached below, **GRAPHIC** Look at your own risk. Thankfully it looks like it was worse to clean up than it actually was. 

Levi is a tummy sleeper and sometimes when I rock him he rolls over and puts his head between my arm and my side and sleeps like this! Haha!


  • Similac App to track feedings 


  • Taking Levi with us to New York City with our choir! It's going to be freezing cold and I'm a little nervous about navigating the big city with a baby. 

  • My Mom is coming into town to watch Daphne while we are in New York and she's staying a couple extra days so she can have some Levi snuggles too. 


  • The way he licks his lips after every single bite of baby food

  • The way he strokes my back or my face while nurses 

  • The way he smiles through the pacifier 

  • How he is so quick to lay his head down on my chest and rest there for a bit

  • The way he bounces in his exercauser (we joke that it looks like he's in a permanent state of dancing of stage with a cane and a hat haha)

  • How his face lights up when he hears music

  • How his eyes seem to always be twinkling 

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