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Levi Allen: Seven Months

SIBLING LOVEDaphne has entered the phase of toddlerhood where she enjoys reminding people what is "hers" and when it's "my turn". So there has definitely been a little more relationship between Daphne and Levi, usually consisting of Daphne playing with Levi and him grabbing her hair and her running to me to tell me that "Eevi hurt my hair!!". So that's a new development. But Daphne still absolutely adores Levi, she thinks his jabbers are "too cute" and she is always saying "Eevi! He too funny!" haha Levi is still completely obsessed with Daphne, he follows her every move, he does try to roll away from her when she starts to love on him a little too hard. But right now their relationship is so sweet and I love watching them start to play more together. 

This isn't a great picture but Daphne and Levi were playing and I caught him pulling his knees up to try to crawl!

ROUTINELevi's daily routine has become pretty consistent.…