Levi Allen: Six Months


Levi LOVES watching Daphne play! Sometimes he'll fuss and fuss until I sit him up in my lap or his bumbo so he can watch her. And Daphne LOVES it when Levi plays with her hair. 


Levi has finally settled into a natural "routine", which I'm pretty thankful for as it gives me a little more dependability throughout the day. 

He has been waking up for the day around 8 AM, nurses for about 10 minutes then plays for about an hour and goes back down for a nap. He typically naps from 45 min - 1 hour. He repeats this eat, play, sleep schedule after almost every feeding. He nurses about 8 times a day and takes about 3 or 4 good naps a day. He doesn't nap after he nurses around 5 PM, we just stick it out until bedtime. 

We've been trying to get better about a consistent bedtime routine. With holidays and traveling its been super hard to be consistent about anything. It's helped that Levi has been naturally inclined to be tired when he is "supposed" to and be awake and alert when he is "supposed" to play. 


  • Super weird, but he loves it when you say the names of fruits. That's typically how we get him to smile for pictures haha "Apples! Peaches! Bananas!" 

  • Nestor the paci

  • Mama - he is 100% a Mama's boy 

  • Music - we've been listening to the Trolls soundtrack lately

  • Daphne - he could watch her all. day. long.

  • Sitting in his bumbo

  • Bouncing in his exercauser

  • Sleeping in his zipadee-zip - LOVE this product

  • Bathtime - he loves to kick and splash sister, and me!

  • Weight: 16.03 lbs. (22.5%)
  • Length:  26.25 in. (34.5%)
  • Clothing: He's been wearing 6-9 month clothing, all of his 3 month clothes are too small.
  • Diapers: He fits more comfortably in size 3 diapers, but I still have a pack of size 2's left, so I've been putting him in size 2 during the day and size 3 at night. 



  • Levi survived his first Gift of Christmas! He wasn't in it or anything, but Daddy plays for the show. 

  • Levi went on his first road trip to Tulsa, OK to visit the Wagner family!

  • Levi met Uncle Duke

  • Levi met Aunt Shelly

  • Levi met Aunt Reese

  • Levi met Howard

  • Levi met the rest of the Sorie family! He met Aunt Andrea a couple months ago, but he met Uncle Tyler, Eva and Madeleine this month. 

  • Levi started sleeping in the zipadee-zip, a sleep sack made for babies who can roll over but still have a strong startle reflex. He loves it!

  • We put away Levi's swing and put up his exerciser, he's a big fan!


  • Levi visited Grandma and Grandpa Wagner's church 
  • Levi experienced his first Christmas

Christmas Eve at our church!


  • Not being able to see Mom 

  • Sometimes he doesn't like when you're holding him and you try to sit down

  • Sometimes he doesn't like his car seat, but for the most part he's pretty neutral towards it now

  • He doesn't like it when his hands don't do what he wants them to do


  • immunity support reship
  • zipadee zip
  • hand foot and mouth disease
  • 5 month old flu
  • 6 month old watery red eyes
  • symptoms of pink eye in babies


Levi nurses about 8-9 times a day, every 2-3 hours. He has been nursing on both sides this month, 5 minutes or so per side for a total of 10 minutes. We haven't done any more rice cereal, it was way harder to pump and be consistent with that while juggling a toddler. We plan to start introducing solids this month! 


Levi sleeps in his zipadee-zip in his pack and play. He sometimes naps on me, especially if we are out of town or he isn't feeling well, but he is mostly sleeping in his pack and play for naps. He has been napping 3 or 4 times a day, usually an hour after he nurses and he sleeps for 45 min - 1 hour. We've been loosely following the "eat, play, sleep" routine. 

He goes to bed around 7:30 PM, after his last feeding of the day. He had a couple days this month (mostly when we were in Tulsa) where he was waking up pretty often and seemed to either be hungry or gassy, those were rough nights. But now he's in a more steady rhythm and he has been waking up to nurse only once, around 3 or 4 AM. He wakes up again around 6 or 7 AM to nurse and then he goes right back down to sleep. He wakes up for the day around 8:30 AM. 


  • Shows interest in details (zippers, stickers...)
  • Protests as Mom or Dad walks away
  • Imitates sounds
  • Sits up with help
  • Bounces, or "stands" with help


  • Levi received the first dose of the flu vaccine as well as 3 other routine shots at his 6 month check up.

  • Daphne gave Levi her cold earlier this month, it took him about 2 weeks to fully kick it!

  • Levi has had a clogged tear duct, which makes his eyes red and watery, several times. He had it twice this month. 

  • Levi has a little dip in his chest (he's had it since birth) and the pediatrician told us that as he gained weight it would decrease and ultimately go away entirely. He gained a good amount of weight this month and his pediatrician said it is looking better and better. 


  • Similac App to track feedings 

  • Planning to rock him to sleep less, and lay him down awake so he is able to fall asleep on his own. 


  • Introducing solids this month!


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