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29 November 2016

Levi Allen: Five Months


I love watching Daphne and Levi's relationship grow, they both make each other so happy! Levi will be crying and Daphne will come up and say "It's okay, Levi" and kiss his head and he will start smiling! Daphne will be in the middle of meltdown and hear Levi cooing in the other room and instantly start laughing haha! Daphne's favorite thing is trying to hold Levi's hands or laying her head down near him and letting his hands tickle her face. 

She definitely cuddles him hard...we often have to protect his poor head! Sometimes her yelling will make him cry but she's quick to run over and tell him she's sorry. So sweet. 

Levi on the left at 4 months and Daphne on the right at 4 months! 


Levi takes a few naps each day, maybe for 45 minutes - 1 hour, typically an hour after he nurses. We have been putting him to bed between 7:30 - 8:30 PM. He doesn't really have a determined wake up time, it has been changing a bit since we've been traveling and he's been experiencing a growth spurt.

Basically routine with Levi is anything but routine, haha! And routine for a growing, teething baby during the holidays is just super hard. 


  • Green rattly ball

  • Toy rings

  • Cuddles

  • Being swaddled 

  • Hush Hat - we used this hat on our road trip and he was actually able to sleep through Daphne's screaming and watching Frozen 32929830134 times! 

  • Dancing around the room with Momma 

  • His blue teething toy

  • "Stay Awake" - the lullaby from Mary Poppins

Levi loves his Daddy!

  • Weight: at his 4 month app - 13 lbs. (6%) I'm very confident he weighs much more now!
  • Length: at his 4 month app - 25 in. (42.5%) 
  • Clothing: He can still fit into most 3 month onesies but he is mostly in 6 month clothing now.
  • Diapers: He's been wearing size 2 Pampers swaddlers, we still have a big box of size 2 left but I think after that we will start using size 3. He has grown so much this month!


  • His first high fever - It was a rough one for me, I've realized that when Daphne gets sick I worry but when Levi gets sick I am tempted to panic. I just can't stand seeing my tiny baby with a fever.

  • Levi experienced his first Halloween! Daphne was sick so we ended up just staying home but we did dress him up as Nemo, he was TOO CUTE.

  • Levi survived the 2016 election!

  • Levi went on his first road trip to Ohio to see my family for Thanksgiving. He did great! 

  • Levi rolled over from back to belly this month while we were in Ohio

  • Levi met his Uncle AJ

  • Levi met Uncle John 

  • Levi visited my parent's church in Ohio for the first time 

  • Levi experienced his first Thanksgiving

  • We had our first photoshoot as a family of four

He made the CUTEST Nemo ever!!
This was taken right after Levi rolled over from back to belly!

Levi meeting Uncle AJ

Levi meeting Uncle John

Levi's first Thanksgiving


  • Being hungry! He is the happiest little baby ever until he gets hungry, that boy has got a pair of lungs. 

  • Levi currently doesn't like sleep...ugh


  • rsv in infants

  • hand foot and mouth in babies

  • >> Both kids were sick this month and I honestly texted my Mom, Mom-friends and Mother-in-law more than I googled.


Levi nurses about 8 or 9 times a day both sides per feeding for approximately 10 min. He's been going 2-3 hours between feedings. He has only slept through the night a handful of times since last month. He's been waking up several times during the night and I nurse him maybe 3-4 times every night. I can't tell if he's actually hungry (growth spurt still?) or if its just a comfort thing. I really don't want to create a problem with his sleeping patterns, with him relying on me to comfort nurse BUT it is the only thing that guarantees us a couple hours of sleep. Ugh. 

Thanksgiving with my boy!


Levi sleeps swaddled in his pack and play, now that he's rolled over from back to belly I'm going to try to wean him off of the swaddle. He also LOVES to cuddle and sleeps in my arms, can't get enough of those snuggles. He takes a few 45 min - 1 hour naps a day and goes to bed between 7:30-8:30 PM. He has been waking up every 3 hours or so during the night and waking up for the day between 7 - 8 AM.


  • Grabbing and chewing on teething toys

  • Puts my fingers in his mouth

  • Uses consonants - he's only done this a few times

  • Grumbles/screams when he is impatient - haha

  • Rolls from back to belly

  • Plays by himself on his activity mat

  • Sits in bumbo


  • Levi got another round of shots this month and I think the combination of that plus teething made him spike a fever. I can't remember how high it was exactly (maybe 102?) but it made me so nervous. I was texting my Mom, my Mother-in-law and almost ended up taking him to the ER after tylenol and a bath didn't bring his fever down. It ended up coming down and he was feeling much better the next day. Really scary when my babies run high fevers. 

  • Levi is definitely teething, sometimes I think I can see a little white spot on his gums where a tooth is cutting through. Not sure though!

  • Holy growth spurt. Levi has been wanting to nurse every 2 hours or so and throughout the night as well for about two months now. He has been growing like a weed! 

  • Levi had his 4 month check up right around the time that he had a low grade fever and Daphne had a bad cold, so they tested him for RSV to make sure he was healthy enough for his shots. He tested negative and did much better with his shots this time around! 

At Levi's 4 month check up


  • Similac App to track feedings 

  • Planning to wean him from the swaddle in the next few weeks


  • Levi's first Christmas

  • Visiting family in Tulsa in December

One of my favorite shots that our photographer has sent us from our family shoot in Cincinnati! 

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