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29 October 2016

Levi Allen: Four Months


Daphne is turning into such a sweet big sister! She loves to help with Levi; bringing him his paci, his "blanket" (burp cloth), throwing away his dirty diapers, bringing him all of his toys and making sure he has lots of kisses and hugs. She loves her baby brother, its been so cool to watch her accept him as part of our family. 


I've been trying to make a better effort to make sure Levi is getting good naps each day. The "wake, eat, play" routine worked pretty well with Daphne - so we've been trying to apply that. It basically means 45 min - 1 hour after baby has nursed they go down for a nap and sleep anywhere from 45 min - 1.5 hours and then wake up and eat and play for another 45 min - 1 hour. 

He typically sleeps swaddled in his bassinet and takes about 4 good naps a day, sometimes only 3. He's been going through a bit of a growth spurt so he's been waking up between 3 am - 5 am to nurse and then going back down to sleep and waking up for the day around 8:00-8:30. He goes to bed around 8 pm. 

I've been focusing on head support so tummy time and a few minutes in his bumbo has been a big part of our routine now too. 

Tummy time with Momma!


  • Sissy - she loves to talk to him and every time she does he is all smiles

  • Nestor (his paci)

  • Being worn in the Solly wrap

  • Being held...by anyone - he is so much more chill than Daphne was about other people holding him, he loves it!

  • Fluffy blankets

  • His swing - he sometimes takes naps in it

  • Music - I know, big shock. But he truly loves music! 

  • Silent Night - right now his favorite song! Especially when Daddy (not Mommy!) sings it as he rocks him to sleep. It's just precious. 
Levi loves his Solly wrap!

  • Weight: Levi has his 4 month appointment in a few days, so I'll update then. My bet is he's long and skinny. 
  • Length: Will update in a couple days. 
  • Clothing: He's still comfortably in size 3-6 months. I've had to go through and pull out a few items that are too small, and I need to do some shopping for winter clothes (especially for our trip to Ohio, winters in TX are very different then winters in the midwest). 
  • Diapers: He's been in size 1 - pampers swaddlers - until just recently. He is now wearing size 2 - same brand. 


  • Being in the studio with Mommy and Daddy! We recorded a little song for a project and the kids were in the studio with us - he did great! I think we put him to sleep, hah!

  • We put Levi in the nursery this month! He's been doing so well, I'm sure it helps that he is a happy little cuddle bug. They love him. 

  • Weekend with Dad! I went to a Lifeway women's conference this month and Carson was all on his own! Besides Daphne being a little terror - Levi did awesome. 
  • Splashing and kicking in the tub!


  • The Ergo carrier - I think he's still a bit small for the Ergo, I tried to wear him in it without the infant insert the other day and he was NOT having it. I took it off and put him in the Solly and he fell asleep instantly. Guess he needs to get a little bigger before we try the Ergo again!

  • His car seat. He's a pretty chill baby but whenever we go to lay him in his car seat, he screams. He doesn't really enjoy being in the car either. Should make for a fun 14+ hour road trip to Ohio...

A rare happy face in his car seat!


  • is rubella contagious 

  • green poo 3 month old

  • pink chalky in baby diapers
  • urate crystals in 4 month diaper
  • 4 month old vomit every morning 
  • baby vomit after feeding
  • 4 month old happy vomiting 
  • baby tummy issues with mom getting period << HAH, this is real life. 
  • brick dust in diaper 


Levi nurses about 6 or 7 times a day sometimes both sides per feeding but typically just one side per feeding for approximately 6-10 min. He's been going 2-3 hours between feedings with one 7-10 hour stretch at night. About two weeks ago he started waking up between 3 and 5 am wanting to nurse, I'm chalking it up to a growth spurt. 


We have been blessed with what seems to be another easy sleeper! After Levi's last feeding of the day we will swaddle him (our favorites are the halo sleepsack swaddle and the swaddleme) and lay him in his little lounger. He sleeps the best when he is swaddled and in his little lounger, but he also naps in his swing and whenever I wear him in the Solly wrap. 


  • Grabs objects without missing...typically
  • Goes from rest to suddenly active
  • Can pull a cloth away from his face...slowly but surely hah
  • Searches for Mom or Dad

  • Responds well to voices and his name

  • More cooing and "talking"


  • Levi had a couple mornings last week where he would throw up everything after his first feeding of the day. The first time it happened it was quite shocking! He didn't fuss before or after, in fact he seemed quite happy to be rid of it hah! It could have been his reflux returning or perhaps getting more than his tummy could handle from not nursing all night (overproduction on my part). I decided not to take him in to the pediatrician since my doc is pretty prescription happy and would probably suggest an acid reflux medication and I just wasn't convinced that should be the first solution. He typically nurses anywhere from 6 - 10 minutes, so I began "cutting him off" after about 3 - 4 minutes. This meant that he would feed for a shorter amount of time but more frequently throughout the day. After about a week of this I've been letting him nurse until he comes off on his own, he's been fine and hasn't had anymore issues so far. 

  • As a result of his throwing up so much in the morning, his first diaper of the day would typically have something called "brick dust" in them. That just means that his diaper had uric acid crystals in it, which resembles brick dust, its from dehydration. Its not super concerning, and I remember Daphne having that at some point. The rest of his diapers throughout the day had no "brick dust" in them and he had about the same number of wet diapers. It does look alarming at first because its a bit orangish-red but I watched him and wasn't too concerned since he didn't have any symptoms of severe dehydration. 

  • I've noted before that we have pretty much given up on giving Levi his vitamin D drops - I don't know why its so hard for me to remember! But I always remember to take my vitamins, so I've just upped my Vitamin D intake. I have always taken a D-3 supplement but my intake has only been about 1500 IUs, which may sound like a lot but you can never have too much Vitamin D (as my mother would say!). I now take about 3400 IUs a day and have added a B complex to my vitamin routine as well. I feel better about what Levi is getting through my breastmilk even with my giving up on his supplements. 

  • Levi has been teething this month, lots of chewing on his hands and drooling! He's had some green diapers as well. Teething is no joke! We put the amber teething necklace that Daphne wore on Levi and I believe that it has been helping him.

  • His clogged tear duct has been back in full force this week, I've been massaging the area around it, using a warm wet cloth and if that doesn't work I'll be using some breastmilk to help clear it up.
  • Levi caught a little cold from big sister this week and the first night his cough sounded more like dry heave! It was a bit concerning but he had no other symptoms other than the occasional cough. I was hoping it wasn't anything like pertussis. He ate and slept a bit more that first day and we put a humidifier in his room and diffused eucalyptus and put lavender on his feet. The second night he only coughed one time and it didn't sound to bad, so I think he's getting over it. 


  • Similac App to track feedings 


  • Getting to show him off when we go visit my parents for Thanksgiving! 
  • Family pictures
  • Our first road trip as a family of four
  • Levi's first Christmas season

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