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Levi Allen: Four Months

SIBLING LOVEDaphne is turning into such a sweet big sister! She loves to help with Levi; bringing him his paci, his "blanket" (burp cloth), throwing away his dirty diapers, bringing him all of his toys and making sure he has lots of kisses and hugs. She loves her baby brother, its been so cool to watch her accept him as part of our family. 

ROUTINEI've been trying to make a better effort to make sure Levi is getting good naps each day. The "wake, eat, play" routine worked pretty well with Daphne - so we've been trying to apply that. It basically means 45 min - 1 hour after baby has nursed they go down for a nap and sleep anywhere from 45 min - 1.5 hours and then wake up and eat and play for another 45 min - 1 hour. 

He typically sleeps swaddled in his bassinet and takes about 4 good naps a day, sometimes only 3. He's been going through a bit of a growth spurt so he's been waking up between 3 am - 5 am to nurse and then going back down to sleep and wak…

The Mess of Motherhood

Three loads in with two more to go Laundry so high that it piles like snow Dishes left crusty from morning's oatmeal The toddler has mastered the art of the squeal
Husband informed her he has nothing to wear Which may or may not have poked her inner bear The baby wants Momma, toddler wants a snack And Momma just wants to lie down on her back
She dreams of a life with no sticky hands She's sipping iced coffee, her toes in the sand No one is tugging and pulling her shirt Her floors are not mysteriously covered in dirt
She wakes up well-rested and sleeps through the night Her house looks so perfect, not a toy in sight And as she imagined her own perfect bliss She thought of some things she might actually miss
The smell of the baby when she kisses his face Watching her husband and little one race How her baby will laugh and nothing else matters How conversations with toddlers can cause so much laughter
How she felt when they placed each babe right on her chest And how she was muc…

The Waiting Room

I clung to my husband's hand as we sat down and waited for my name to be called. I realized that all of the other seats in the room faced each other as I looked up and saw a mother-to-be with a hand on her swollen belly, looking at her sonogram pictures. So I tried to hide my obvious jealousy and the "stink eye" that I'm pretty sure she saw me give her.
I readjusted myself on the horrible couch and tried to hold onto that little bit of hope that maybe this pregnancy wouldn't end in a miscarriage.
Looking over at my husband, he really didn't seem to be worried at all. Selfishly, I wanted him to be wringing his hands and anxiously bargaining with God. A very small part of me admired his denial.
My heart raced as they called my name. It's time.
We met the sonogram technician, she was chatty and all smiles. A sonogram tech sounds like a great job until you realize that they not only get to deliver happy news to happy parents, they also have to deliver the …