Levi Allen: Three Months


Daphne is truly starting to love her baby brother! She loves to press her cheek up to his cheek, tickle his tummy and lay her head near him so that his hands brush against her face.

She had a moment this week where she was playing in our church's indoor playground, she saw another mom leave with her baby in her stroller and Daphne straight up panicked! She started running after the stroller saying "Evi! Evi!", she was so worried. I was wearing Levi so I knelt down next to her and told her that Levi was right here on Mommy and I showed her his little face - you could see the relief wash over her face. She was so scared that that lady was taking her baby! Presh.

Cheek to cheek sibling love. 


Our "routine" has been less structured because well, life. I want to jot down another rough schedule to try to follow in the next few weeks to make sure that Levi is getting solid naps during the day. 

As of right now, I haven't really been focusing on "wake/eat/play" - which I wanted to be doing by this point. He has been taking at least one good solid nap in the afternoon, with several (30-45 min.) cat naps during the day. It depends on what we're doing that day, he will take his naps in his swing, on our bed with me, in the Solly wrap or in his bassinet. 

He typically wakes up around 5 am to eat and then goes right back down and has been waking up around 8:30 for the day. He then usually goes down for the night around 7 or 8 pm. 


  • Cuddling with Mom
  • Daddy - every time Dad comes home and holds him, Levi is all smiles!
  • Sucking/chewing on his fists - teething anyone?
  • Solly wrap

  • Nester - although he is not as dependent on it as his sister was!

  • Swing - this is my go-to as far as baby gear at home goes!
  • A sweet lady in our church got Levi the softest lovey blanket with #leviallen stitched onto it, he loves it! It's so soft and heavy, he usually goes right to sleep when I lay it over his tummy. 

We LOVE our Solly wrap!

  • Weight: I weighed myself and then picked him up and weighed us together so this is in no way super accurate, I'm guessing he weighs about 13 lbs. 
  • Length: Haven't measured him. 
  • Clothing: He's comfortably in size 3-6 months. Some 3 month sleepers are already too small, but I think its just certain brands. 
  • Diapers: Size 1 - Pampers swaddlers are our fav.


  • Going to Bible study with Mama
  • Weekend alone with Mama - Ministers wives retreat
  • Left alone with a babysitter - We love Jessica!
  • Seahawks game - YAY for football season
  • Real laughing - this is now my daily goal, to get my son to laugh, its probably my favorite thing ever

That 'giggle face' on the left is TOO MUCH. And then we have Levi wearing his lucky bib for the first Seahawks game of the season. 


  • Not being able to see Momma
  • Gas pains 

  • Tummy time

  • Teething
  • Car rides


  • antibiotics and milk supply
  • supplements for milk supply
  • infant eye gunk


Levi has been consistently nursing about 6 times a day sometimes both sides per feeding but mostly one side per feeding going 2-3 hours between feedings with one 7-10 hour stretch at night. 


Levi started sleeping through the night around 9 or 10 weeks! I will typically nurse him around 7 pm and then he wakes up for a feeding around 5 am and then wakes again around 8:30 am! I feel like a new woman! I feel like he has been a pretty easy sleeper, however this week he has been pretty clingy and only wanted to nap near me or on me. 

His naps are bit more sporadic and less consistent. He usually only takes one swaddled nap and that is his longest one, the other naps are pretty much accidental and in his swing or while I'm wearing him in the Solly wrap. 


  • Follows objects with his eyes
  • Turns his head in a fluid motion when following something
  • Kicks his legs and squirms like crazy! 
  • Coos and yells
  • Laughs at certain things we do

  • I have seen significant improvement in Levi's torticollis issue! He no longer favors one side or the other and we have been working on his neck support which I think has been helping as well. 
  • I hate to say it, but I think we have all but given up on remembering to give Levi his vitamin D supplements...at least I am taking them so he's getting something in my breastmilk! 

  • Levi's tummy issues have returned recently, we even had to give him some gas drops the other day! It's the worst, he literally writhes in pain. He does get a little relief when I lay him on his tummy on my knees, I think the pressure helps.

  • I am 100% confident that Levi is teething. He has been chewing on his hands, drooling, biting his paci, biting his Mommy....and he may have been running a small fever last week. 
  • This relates more to my own health, but it affected my milk supply and I want to remember it, so I'm recording it. I had my wisdom teeth taken out this month and since I'm exclusively breastfeeding I was concerned about how the meds/anesthesia would affect my milk. I was told to "pump and dump" for a week - which is insane. Thank the Lord I connected with a lactation consultant who became my lifeline! I went in at 8 am to have my surgery done, my lactation consultant told me to pump and dump until the affects of anesthesia had worn off that day. I was also told that the pain meds/nausea meds were not conducive for breastfeeding so if I needed to take those I would need to continue to pump and dump until the dosage wore off. My goal was to get off the hardcore pain meds as quickly as possible and take tylenol as needed so I could get to nursing ASAP. I had pumped and frozen over 100 oz. of breastmilk, so Levi was given about 5 oz. per feeding that day. I was able to start nursing Levi around 8 am the next day and was surprised that the biggest thing to affect my nursing was my liquid diet. Over the next few days I had supply issues because I wasn't getting enough calories, I tried drinking water and eating what I could but it wasn't until I started eating solid foods again that I really noticed an improvement. 

  • Similac App to track feedings 


  • Getting to show him off when we go visit my parents for Thanksgiving! 


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