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Levi Allen: Three Months

SIBLING LOVEDaphne is truly starting to love her baby brother! She loves to press her cheek up to his cheek, tickle his tummy and lay her head near him so that his hands brush against her face.

She had a moment this week where she was playing in our church's indoor playground, she saw another mom leave with her baby in her stroller and Daphne straight up panicked! She started running after the stroller saying "Evi! Evi!", she was so worried. I was wearing Levi so I knelt down next to her and told her that Levi was right here on Mommy and I showed her his little face - you could see the relief wash over her face. She was so scared that that lady was taking her baby! Presh.

Cheek to cheek sibling love. 

ROUTINEOur "routine" has been less structured because well, life. I want to jot down another rough schedule to try to follow in the next few weeks to make sure that Levi is getting solid naps during the day. 
As of right now, I haven't really been focusing on &quo…