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30 August 2016

Levi Allen: Two Month


Leebawitz, Leebs, Leevs, Evie, Leviathan, Pooper and Leiberstraum


Daphne typically doesn't really pay much attention to Levi, unless I'm holding him. She does think he's 'too cute' and 'sweet' and loves to kiss his fingers and toes. She's also started to lay her head on his belly as if to give him a hug and she giggles the whole time! Levi is so enamored with his big sister! Whenever she starts talking around him or to him, it doesn't take long for him to find her with his eyes and he usually gives her a couple big smiles. 

There was a moment this week when Daphne was acting like a typical two-year old girl having a fit, but then Levi starting cooing at her and Daphne seemed to all but forget about her tantrum! She was smiling so big and loved that Levi was looking at her and "talking" to her!


I started focusing on a routine around 5-6 weeks. I found that it helped me to write down a schedule the night before and aim for that the next day. I tried out several different schedules and landed on one that is the closest to what we follow. We never followed it 100% but it helped to have something to look at it and it helped me begin to notice Levi's natural routine. We still don't really have a set routine, it varies by several hours each day, but its become a bit more dependable. Below is the rough schedule of our day: 

6:30 nurse Levi - Levi nap
7:00 Mom wake up - take Scout out/pump/coffee/devos/read **I pumped every morning for about 3 weeks but had to stop because I ran out of storage**
8:00 Daphne wake up - diaper change/breakfast/change clothes/brush teeth/playtime
8:30 Levi wake up - diaper change/nurse/playtime
9:30 Levi nap
11:30 nurse Levi - diaper change/playtime
12:30 Levi nap
12:45 Mom + Daphne lunch
1:30 Daphne nap
2:00 nurse Levi - diaper change/playtime
3:00 Levi nap
3:30 Daphne wake up - diaper change/cup/snack
4:00 nurse Levi - diaper change/playtime
6:30 Family Dinner + nurse Levi
7:00 Daphne + Levi bathtime
7:30 Daphne bedtime routine - diaper/pjs/brush hair + teeth/story/songs
8:00 nurse Levi - Levi bedtime routine - swaddle/vitamin d/paci/laid in bassinet awake
10:00 dream-nurse Levi + Mom + Dad's bedtime **I did dream feedings for about two weeks to help him sleep longer but now I just let him sleep through until he wakes up for his next feeding which is now usually 4 am!**
2:00 nurse Levi - Levi bed


  • Looking around and finding Mom, Dad or sister 
  • Solly wrap
  • Nestor (his wubbanub)
  • Being swaddled 

  • Bathtime 
  • Swing

  • Weight: 10.72 lbs. - 17%
  • Length: 23 in. - 52%
  • Clothing: Almost entirely 0-3 months, he has a few NB jumpers that fit. 
  • Diapers: Size 1 - we were using up our last box of Huggies brand newborn diapers before we switched to size 1 diapers but we hated Huggies brand so much that we went ahead and made the switch. I'm sure some people love Huggies but we will never buy them again. Pampers or Honest Co. all the way! 


  • Birthday party - sister turned two!
  • Smiles

  • Playdate with our Bible Fellowship at the church's indoor playground
  • Chiropractic adjustment 
  • Meeting Great-Grandma Patricia

  • Meeting Aunt Theresa 

  • Meeting Great Aunt Susan Hall and her daughters/daughters-in-law - Lindsey, Lacy, Meredith, Allison and Alex
  • Meeting Great Uncle Gregg and Great Aunt Stevie and their daughter Haley

  • Came with me to church choir practice

  • Wedding - Aunt Angie and Uncle Theron got married!
  • Dance party! I wore Levi in my Solly wrap and we danced the night away at Aunt Angie and Uncle Theron's wedding! 

I wore Levi during my sister-in-law's wedding reception and he was PERFECT. He fell fast asleep while Momma danced the night away! 

My friend and I both wore our boys (born exactly 4 weeks apart!) to their first choir practice at church! 


  • Car seat - not as much as his sister did, but its not his favorite.  
  • His bouncer

  • Tummy time

  • Having his onesies pulled over his head - he straight up panics!
  • Being cold


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  • teething at 2 months
  • correcting torticollis in infants
  • baby neck condition
  • newborn circumcision crusty white
  • soft spot on 1 month old
  • newborn favoring left side


Levi nurses 7-8 times a day, every 2.5-3 hours during the day for about 10-15 minutes on one side per feeding with one 8-9 hour stretch at night. Nursing Levi has been a dream! We are steadily into a good rhythm and I feel confident that we will be able to meet our commitment of breastfeeding for a year! 

I started pumping in the mornings to build a supply in my freezer. I would pump about 30-60 minutes after the first nursing session of the day for about 5 minutes total on both sides. I typically get between 4.5 - 7 oz. total. I pumped for about three weeks and had to stop because I ran out of room in my freezer. 


Levi has finally started sleeping longer! Around 7 weeks he turned a corner and started sleeping from 7-9 hours at night! Hallelujah! Before that the longest he would sleep was for about 4-5 hours. He typically takes several short naps, anywhere from 45 min. to 1.5 hrs, several times throughout the day. He sleeps best swaddled and in his little lounger, but he also loves to sleep in his swing and on Momma! 


  • Holds his head up very well
  • Turns his head towards sounds + voices

  • Makes short sounds (like cooing) with his voice
  • He rolled over from tummy to back around 5 weeks!

  • Levi has been favoring his left side and I began to worry that he would develop a flat spot on that side. We took him to our chiropractor and he confirmed that Levi has a mild case of torticollis, which basically means that he has a strained muscle on the right side of his neck that ironically pulls his head in the opposite direction. Levi has had two adjustments and we've already seen an improvement! I'm hoping to resolve his neck issue before any concerning flat spots develop. 
  • I have been really awful at remembering to give Levi his vitamin d supplements....I need to get better!

  • We've been putting Levi in the bath with Daphne almost every night, but we usually wash him with soap every second bath so his skin doesn't get too dry. I've continued to rinse/wash his circumcision during his baths. I did work out some white film out of his circumcision one time. I asked his pediatrician about it and she said that its something that we can't really deal with until he's out of diapers. I had a screaming newborn and a tantrum throwing toddler at the time so I didn't ask enough questions. She said it can be resolved with cream and pressure as soon as he's out of diapers. 
  • Levi's tummy and gas issues seemed to resolve themselves around 5-6 weeks! 

  • Levi has been slightly constipated. It's still within the realm of normal for a breastfed baby to go even three days without pooping, the longest Levi went without a bowel movement was 2 days. His chiropractic adjustments have been helping and he typically gets a bowel movement about an hour or so afterwards. 

  • I think Levi might be teething...

Happy boy at his 2-month check up! This was before shots...

  • Still loving the Similac app to track his breastfeeding and my pumping. 


  • Interacting with him more 
  • Whenever Levi starts to sit up and hold himself up better