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Levi Allen: Two Month

NICKNAMESLeebawitz, Leebs, Leevs, Evie, Leviathan, Pooper and Leiberstraum
SIBLING LOVEDaphne typically doesn't really pay much attention to Levi, unless I'm holding him. She does think he's 'too cute' and 'sweet' and loves to kiss his fingers and toes. She's also started to lay her head on his belly as if to give him a hug and she giggles the whole time! Levi is so enamored with his big sister! Whenever she starts talking around him or to him, it doesn't take long for him to find her with his eyes and he usually gives her a couple big smiles. 

There was a moment this week when Daphne was acting like a typical two-year old girl having a fit, but then Levi starting cooing at her and Daphne seemed to all but forget about her tantrum! She was smiling so big and loved that Levi was looking at her and "talking" to her!

ROUTINEI started focusing on a routine around 5-6 weeks. I found that it helped me to write down a schedule the night before and a…