Levi Allen: One Month


Leebs, Leeves, Bubby, Buppy, Little Man, EvieBlu-bluh


It took Daphne awhile to get used to the idea of Levi at first. She started biting her fingernails and absolutely losing her mind every time Daddy would hold him. She has since gotten pretty used to him, she looks for him every morning when she comes out of her room and usually insists on kissing his toes. She constantly gives him kisses throughout the day and MUST kiss Levi before kissing anyone else goodnight, hah! 


We aren't really focused on creating a routine for Levi just yet, although I have noticed he has certain patterns. At some point I do expect to create a routine for him, it was definitely something that helped me with Daphne! 

  • Nursing
  • Solly wrap
  • Nestor the Bull (his wubbanub)
  • Swing
  • Having his head rubbed
  • Being held
  • Hush Hat 
  • Being swaddled (especially if its warm from being run in the dryer for a bit)

  • Weight: 8.62 lbs. (20%)
  • Length: 21.2 in. (39%)
  • Clothing: NB
  • Diapers: NB - we've used practically every brand of diaper there is, my personal favorites are Honest Co. and my husband's favorites are Pampers Swaddlers (we used this brand with Daphne).


  • Met Aunt Angie and Uncle-to-be Theron 
  • Met Mom-mom, Pop-pop, Aunt Molly and Aunt Megan
  • Met Grandma, Grandpa Wagner, Aunt Rachelle, Uncle Sullivan and Aunt Nikki
  • Met Uncle Brady, Aunt Meghan, Uncle Ty and Aunt Jessie
  • Church service at Prestonwood 
  • Blow out (and after bath time too, sheesh!)
  • Bath with big sister
  • Peed on Dad 

  • Bathtime 
  • Waiting for milk 
  • Screams from sister...
  • Gas pains

RECENT GOOGLE SEARCHES -- Just for fun, I thought I'd keep track of these :-)
  • newborn breastfeeding with lazy suck
  • swollen feet after delivery
  • breastfeeding strike 4 days
  • baby latches and unlatches
  • 4 day old hasn't pooped in 24 hours
  • how long to gauze circumcision
  • lily jade elizabeth in camel (a girl can dream...)
  • when to start tummy time
  • baby mine lyrics
  • chim chim cher-ee lyrics
  • game apps to play while breastfeeding


Levi nurses 8-9 times a day for 5-15 minutes on one side per feeding with typically 2-2.5 hours between feedings with one 4-6 hour stretch at night. At first Levi's latch was actually pretty good and he was actually sucking and swallowing quite well! After his circumcision he was too tired to wake up and want to nurse so things started to get a little dicey. Thankfully I knew enough this time around to go ahead and start pumping in the hospital to encourage my milk supply. I pumped a decent amount and we would offer it to him in a dropper at the breast, but he still wasn't getting enough or latching for very long at all and he wasn't sucking well either. Our first day home from the hospital things started to improve! He still needed some stimulation to continue sucking (a great tip from one of the lactation consultants we saw > there is a pressure point in the palm of baby's hand that will stimulate sucking when you rub it!) but his latch was really good and it only took about a week or so before Levi had a consistently good latch and was sucking and swallowing for almost every feeding. 

It's been a whole new experience to not have to worry so much about successful breastfeeding this time around! Instead of nursing/pumping/offering a bottle for every feeding I only pumped at the hospital and for those first few days at home in place of unsuccessful feedings. Not having to pump has been so freeing! It's also been a bit easier on Dad too, Carson has always been so supportive of my choice to breastfeed - his responsibilities include handing Levi to me for feedings in the middle of the night and changing his diapers and making sure I have water/snacks! I am curious to see how much Levi is getting at each feeding, I would like to go and have him weighed before and after a feeding session at some point. 


Levi doesn't really have a set sleeping routine yet, the only time he's been fairly consistent is during his 4-6 hour stretch at night. We have found that Levi sleeps longer and better if we swaddle him and wrap him in a blanket, although he is pretty gassy so that definitely affects his sleep. He is also sleeping in his little lounger next to Daddy's side of the bed. 

  • Holds head up when laying on someone's chest or during tummy time
  • Good eye contact 
  • Responds to voices

  • On our second day at the hospital after Levi was born his bilirubin levels came back a bit high so his pediatrician recommended sitting him under the "billi lights" during that second night. That was also the night that he was too tired to latch and suck so I pumped for every feeding and we gave him whatever I could pump from a dropper while at the breast. We had a very helpful and encouraging nurse from pediatrics suggest that we use donor breast milk so that he would be eating enough and passing the meconium in order to lower his bilirubin levels quicker. I had no idea that you could use donor breast milk! In the morning his levels had gone down and though he was still a bit jaundice, he was cleared to come home with us. 
  • I try to give him his vitamin D drops whenever I remember...second kid problems!
  • His circumcision has healed nicely and we only fold the skin back during bath time (1-2 times a week) per our doctor's instructions. I was a bit worried about how to change diapers and properly care for Levi after his circumcision but it was really no big deal - for the first day we changed his gauze with a good amount of vaseline and placed it like a tent over his penis every 3 hours, after that we only changed the gauze/vaseline for every diaper change and his pediatrician recommended doing that till his belly button fell off (as they both heal in the same amount of time)
  • Levi has had tummy/gas issues since we brought him home! I'm not sure if its reflux or not, but we have been dealing with a pretty fussy guy. We have been giving him gas drops, mostly at night, and they seem to help by the second dose. My go-to's for dealing with his gas issues are wrapping him in the Solly wrap, making sure he has a couple good burps after nursing, gas drops and the "bicycle" move to try to make it easier for him to pass those toots!
  • Levi lost about 8% of his birth weight by his two day appointment, which was a bit more than we expected since breastfeeding him was getting better and was much easier than with his big sister who had lost 13% of her birth weight at that same point. But Levi's pediatrician didn't seem too concerned and at his two week check up he was still not up to birth weight, but again his pediatrician didn't seem concerned. 

  • I have been using the Similac app to keep track of how often/how long he nurses. 
  • I plan to use the Wonder Weeks app again to help keep me informed of any upcoming "leaps" and developments. 
  • We will definitely need to work on self-soothing and scheduling but I don't plan to start for awhile. 

  • Baby smiles...favorite thing ever.
  • Seeing what color his eyes will become, right now they are a really dark gray/blue/green. 
  • Getting into a routine that hopefully allows Momma to get more done around the house...or maybe even NAP! 
  • No more tummy/gas issues!
  • Sleeping better, longer and easier at night. 
  • More baby coos and giggles!


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