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Levi Allen: One Month

NICKNAMESLeebs, Leeves, Bubby, Buppy, Little Man, Evie, Blu-bluh
SIBLING LOVEIt took Daphne awhile to get used to the idea of Levi at first. She started biting her fingernails and absolutely losing her mind every time Daddy would hold him. She has since gotten pretty used to him, she looks for him every morning when she comes out of her room and usually insists on kissing his toes. She constantly gives him kisses throughout the day and MUST kiss Levi before kissing anyone else goodnight, hah! 
ROUTINEWe aren't really focused on creating a routine for Levi just yet, although I have noticed he has certain patterns. At some point I do expect to create a routine for him, it was definitely something that helped me with Daphne! 

LOVESNursingSolly wrapNestor the Bull (his wubbanub)SwingHaving his head rubbedBeing heldHush Hat Being swaddled (especially if its warm from being run in the dryer for a bit)
GROWTHWeight: 8.62 lbs. (20%)Length:21.2 in. (39%)Clothing: NBDiapers: NB - we've used…

Birth Story: Levi Allen

To say that this pregnancy has been very different from my pregnancy with Daphne is an under statement! In many ways it was easier; morning sickness wasn't as intense, weight loss wasn't as drastic and the third trimester was actually way easier this time around. However it was super exhausting to be pregnant and chasing a busy toddler around!

I had been experiencing typical labor symptoms during the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy; strong yet inconsistent contractions, loose stool, spotting, losing my mucus plug (around week 37) and mid/lower back pain. I had a couple nights where I thought I could be in labor (we even went to the hospital once!) with more consistent and painful contractions. All in all the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy with Levi felt a million times easier than when I was pregnant with Daphne!

When I was waiting for labor with Daphne my doctor stripped my membranes to try to induce labor, she ended up doing it about four times and Daphne still came two days late…