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10 May 2016

Another Wagner Baby: 32 Weeks

  • How far along: 32 weeks!
  • Gender: Boy! 
  • Weight gain: +5 lbs. this week - overall weight gain is +27 lbs! 
  • Maternity clothes: Loving my side panel maternity jeans and maxi dresses/skirts these days! It's really starting to warm up here in Texas, I always forget how insanely hot it gets here. And I'm sure I don't have to tell you that being in your third trimester during the Texas summer is really no piece of cake. 
  • Stretch marks: I'm getting two marks in the front on the left and right side of my belly button! Still applying Moringa Body Butter like it'll help haha
  • Belly Button in or out: Flat and in. 
  • Sleep: I've slept a little better this week. I've been able to get some good naps in during Daphne's afternoon naps. I've pretty much stolen all the pillows and sleep with two under my head and one between my knees. I still end up on my back throughout the night and it keeps waking me up because I guess that's really not comfortable for me or Levi. I have continued to have lower back and hip pain this week. Carson has been wonderful about giving me back/shoulder massages at night with magnesium oil or pan away oil which has been really helping to relax me and help with the pain. 
  • Best moment this week: My sweet friends hosted a brunch this week to "sprinkle" Levi with some love (...and diapers!). My sister-in-law even came into town for it and they stayed with us! It was really a perfect morning spent chatting outside on a beautiful patio and getting excited about Levi's arrival! He truly is a loved little boy. 
(Angie, Kayla, Meghan, me, Nikki and Josie - love these girls)

  • Worst moment this week: I had been looking forward to a pre-natal massage that I had booked for about two weeks. Unfortunately there was an emergency situation and my massage therapist had to cancel, even though I totally understood, I have to admit I was pretty bummed. Those pre-natal massages are the best thing ever and my body has really been needing it! It's been rescheduled for next week with a chiropractic adjustment right after and I absolutely cannot wait! 
  • Miss anything: Being able to eat what I want. This week and last week especially I have been dealing with pretty bad acid reflux/heartburn/indigestion and even some sour stomach. I've started taking a probiotic juice in the mornings (Good Belly brand found at Kroger), drinking a glass of water with two drops of lemon oil and I've been drinking only half a cup of coffee in the mornings. I've also needed to keep digize with me at all times and that has really helped with the reflux and indigestion. Peppermint oil has also helped whenever I feel nauseous. But I cannot wait to be able to just get a big juicy burger from 5 Guys and not worry about feeling miserable afterwards! 
  • Movement: Oh yeah! Lots of movement, usually first thing in the morning, after lunch and late at night. He is very very low so some of his movements feel more like pelvic pressure which is uncomfortable. 
  • Symptoms: Third trimester symptoms can be a little TMI, so read with caution. Sour stomach, acid reflux, heartburn, gas, lack of appetite, cramps, contractions, diarrhea, frequent urination, lower back/hip pain, indigestion and abdominal pain. I've had little surges of energy this week so I've been taking advantage of them! 
  • Cravings: Poppy seed muffins (specifically from Kroger), strawberries, oatmeal, raspberries and cantaloupe.
  • Queasy or sick: I really only had two episodes this week where I felt a little nauseous. 
  • Looking forward to: My prenatal massage next week! Ahh! 

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