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29 March 2016

Another Wagner Baby: 26 Weeks

  • How far along: 26 weeks
  • Gender: Can't wait to meet our baby boy, Levi Allen!
  • Weight gain: No weight gain this week, overall weight gain is at +17 lbs. 
  • Maternity clothes: I wore a maternity dress this week that I purchased for a family wedding back when I was pregnant with Daphne. I was a couple weeks further along when I wore it the first time so I wasn't sure how it would fit but it actually fit quite comfortably and made me excited to wear all my maxi skirts/dresses once the summer hits! 
  • Stretch marks: None from this pregnancy yet. 
  • Belly Button in or out: Still in, very shallow. 
  • Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty well this week. I have continued to use the bathroom multiple times during the night and sleeping with a pillow between my knees has become essential. I also started playing the relaxation music that my husband made for my labor with Daphne before I go to sleep and I honestly think that thats been helping! Its soft, vibey music with relaxing nature soundscapes - seriously so relaxing. Better than any rain app I've used!
  • Best moment this week: We love Easter so much in our house (dare I say, more than Christmas...) and it was awesome getting to watch Daphne experience Easter! She's old enough now where we can start doing our own traditions with her! We did an egg hunt in our house, gave her an Easter basket and of course dressed up in pretty Easter dresses. She also sat through soundcheck for our Good Friday service and our Saturday night Easter service and I love watching worship through her eyes and watching her take it all in. Praying that she understands Jesus' sacrifice at a young age and asks Him into her heart! Can't wait to dress up a little boy next year in bow-ties and baby blue!

  • Worst moment this week: We had a date night with friends to see the Batman vs. Superman movie, we were running late so I was already kind of stressing out. We ended up getting there 30 minutes into the movie, it was a Studio Movie Grill but we didn't want to be those people that were trying to order food during a fight scene. I think I was so worked up when we finally sat down and I needed to eat/drink something that for the first 15-20 minutes we were there I had the most painful contractions and cramps. I asked Carson to get me a water (water is like magic during pregnancy) after drinking some water the contractions stopped and I felt comfortable again.
  • Miss anything: Not having to use the bathroom so often! 
  • Movement: He's been moving all the time, to the point where he keeps me up/wakes me up/makes me jump! I'm loving all the movement, its such  reassurance and reminder of the sweet baby I'm carrying. 
  • Symptoms: Cramps, contractions, indigestion, frequent urination, exhaustion, discomfort and I had a bought of dizziness this week. 
  • Cravings: We have been kolache crazy this week - my favorite is the sausage and gravy kolache from Kolache Factory! 
  • Queasy or sick: Neither!
  • Looking forward to: We're going to Lynchburg in a couple weeks! I'm so excited to have a babymoon with my man in the town where we fell in love! We're also planning to do some maternity photos, so excited. However I am NOT excited about leaving Daphne, I know she'll be in great hands with my mother-in-law but I have already shed tears thinking about how much I'll miss her. 

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