Another Wagner Baby: 25 Weeks

  • How far along: 25 weeks
  • Gender: Boy
  • Weight gain: +4 lbs. this week, putting my overall weight gain at +17 lbs!
  • Maternity clothes: Loving my maternity pants from Target! I purchased some items from Ross the other day to wear over my plain maternity shirts. I've been really bored with my options so this gives me a little something without having to buy maternity-only tops. 
  • Stretch marks: Not from Levi yet. Using my moringa scented body butter from The Body Shop.
  • Sleep: I haven't been sleeping well lately. We've been going to bed pretty early these days but I haven't been falling asleep quickly and I've been waking up frequently to have to use the bathroom. I've also had some pain in my left arm, which I think could be from sleeping on it wrong. I have been able to get a few naps in this week though! 
  • Best moment this week: I have had several "best moments" this week! First of all, I made a big change to my hair! My husband likes it when I change my hair and I realized that I hadn't dyed it in like 2 years so it was nice to make a big change and feel less like a plain ol' Mom. 

We also took Daphne to our church's Easter egg drop this past weekend. They dropped hundreds of eggs out of a helicopter, and they even had a big Easter bunny riding in the helicopter! Daphne absolutely loved watching the helicopter! It was really cold so we didn't stick around too long, but it was so fun to watch her be so amazed!

  • Worst moment this week: I had to take my glucose test this week, yuck! I fasted that morning because I really didn't want to mess around with getting a false positive. The good news is, I passed!
  • Miss anything: I'm not really a fan of feeling this  uncomfortable all the time. I miss feeling normal!
  • Movement: I've been feeling more movement this week! He even woke me up with his strong kicks in the middle of the night! 
  • Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions, pain in my left arm (chiropractor said that it could be from sleeping wrong but it could also be from a pinched nerve associated with the pregnancy hormone relaxin), cramps, discomfort, frequent urination and exhaustion. 
  • Cravings: Golden Grahams cereal, hot dogs and salt + pepper chips. 
  • Queasy or sick: Neither!
  • Looking forward to: We put together an Easter basket for Daphne and are planning to do a little Easter egg hunt for her this weekend! I'm so excited to give her all her goodies and dress her up in her Easter outfit (from Mom-mom!). 


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