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09 March 2016

Another Baby Wagner: 23 Weeks

  • How far along: 23 weeks! 
  • Gender: Baby boy!
  • Weight gain: I've gained 5 lbs. this week! Putting my overall weight gain at +13 lbs. 
  • Maternity clothes: Definitely wearing maternity clothes but lately I've felt like my bump has actually gotten smaller. I'm starting to get tired of my maternity top options and I feel frumpy in looser tops, I just feel like I'm in that weird stage where maternity tops are a little big and my regular clothes look frumpy and weird. Bleh.
  • Stretch marks: None from this pregnancy. Using Moringa Body Butter from the Body Shop.
  • Belly button in or out: In, but very shallow. 
  • Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty good this week. We've been going to bed super early and I've been waking up feeling really well rested! I've even gotten a couple naps this week during Daphne's nap! The only rough night of sleep that I had this week had nothing to do with Levi and everything to do with my screaming toddler at 4 am...
  • Best moment this week: It's a "bittersweet best"; my Mom's best friend's sister sent me one of her sister's Alex and Ani bracelets for me to have in memory of her. I already think of her every time I look at my bracelets, because she bought me one of them, but now knowing that she actually wore one - it's even more special. 
  • Worst moment this week: Daphne was sick this week and then had a fever in reaction to a vaccine, on top of that Carson has mild bronchitis and even Scout has seemed a little mopey. On top of all of that, Daphne seems to be experiencing a sleep regression and it is no joke worse than any other sleep regression we have gone through with her. This has just been a rough week for everyone in my house! I've been diffusing Thieves like crazy to keep myself from catching anything and I bought myself some chocolate and a facial mask as a reward for not killing anyone yet...
  • Miss anything: Not really missing anything lately! 
  • Movement: I'm finally feeling Levi more consistently every day! I love it. 
  • Symptoms: Cramps, braxton hicks, sore legs and feet, sore lower back, indigestion, moodiness and exhaustion. 
  • Cravings: Avocados, lunchmeat pita sandwiches (which I have been eating even though I was told by my doctor to avoid cold cuts....), coconut macaroons from Sprouts and tacos. 
  • Queasy or sick: A little bit of heartburn and indigestion but no nausea. 
  • Looking forward to: We're hopefully heading to Tulsa this weekend! I'm so excited to see friends and family! 

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