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16 February 2016

Another Wagner Baby: 20 Weeks

  • How far along: 20 weeks! 
  • Gender: I am SHOCKED to tell you that we are having a BOY! I was 100% confident that it was a girl, I was even calling her by her name! I'm not going to lie, there are things about having a little boy that freak me out but I feel so blessed to be having this little man. We decided on the name Levi Allen ('Allen' is after my Dad). It's interesting to read through the old wives tales about gender prediction during pregnancy and see which ones were true for me: dry patches on my face, clumsy, bright urine, cold feet, salty and sour cravings and even though I was still very sick during my first trimester it was significantly less than when I was pregnant with Daphne. 

  • Weight gain: + 3 lbs. so far! 
  • Maternity clothes: I'm ready to go shopping for some cute maternity tops! I still wear mostly leggings, regular tops and the same pair of maternity jeans. 
  • Stretch marks: None yet, using moringa body butter on my tummy! 
  • Belly button in or out: In but very shallow.
  • Sleep: Sleeping has been easier this week, I have been sleeping comfortably on my back. 
  • Best moment this week: We just got home from a good long trip home to see my family, the best moment this week would have to be just spending time with my family (even got to see my big brother!) and watching how much they love Daphne and Levi (already!). Mom already purchased Levi a bunch of clothes!
  • Worst moment this week: My Mom's best friend passed away suddenly about a week ago and its still been hard to believe that she's gone. I miss her so much and it was really difficult to be home and not see her walking into church or into my parents house to see Daphne and me. Another worst moment this week would have to be leaving my family, especially my Mom. I miss them all like crazy! 
  • Miss anything: Being comfortable in my bra, I know that sounds so silly, but I have had to loosen the width of my bra to maximum capacity (to fit my rib cage) and I'm still walking around uncomfortable! 
  • Movement: I finally felt Levi's kicks with my hands on my belly this past week! He isn't an especially active baby (especially compared to Daphne) but I have felt a few of his kicks so far and it was just marvelous. There is nothing like it in the world. 
  • Symptoms: Frequent urination, cramps, contractions, dizziness, lower back pain and just all around discomfort.
  • Cravings: Sour Punch Straws, Red Chicken Stew (which I'm happy to say was satisfied last week at Momma's!) 
  • Queasy or sick: Neither! 
  • Looking forward to: Seeing baby boy again this Friday! My anatomy scan got moved up because I was flying out of town a couple weeks ago and we wanted to make sure that everything with baby was okay before I left. Since it was earlier than usual (18 weeks) they wanted to book another sonogram for whenever I got back so they can double check on some things they couldn't see super clearly in the scan. So excited to see him again, and hopefully get some better sono pics (he's a shy one!)

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