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26 January 2016

Another Wagner Baby: 17 Weeks

  • How far along: 17 weeks! 
  • Gender: I can't wait to find out in a couple weeks! I have a super strong feeling that I know what we're having! 
  • Weight gain: My OB is really unhappy with my weight gain, which is kind of surprising to me because I lost more weight when I was pregnant with Daphne and didn't really ever gain a lot of it back. I have a weight check with her next week (what am I a wrestler??). I've gained 3 lbs. this week putting my total weight loss at just -1 lbs. 
  • Maternity clothes: Definitely yes on the maternity jeans, or at least sweatpants and leggings. I wore a maternity top this past week but most of them are still a bit too big for my bump at this point. 
  • Stretch marks: None yet from this pregnancy. I have started using the same lotion that I used when I was pregnant with Daphne (The Body Shop: Moringa body butter) and also coconut oil to prevent any more stretch marks. 
  • Belly button in or out: In mostly but pretty shallow. 
  • Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty well this week. I've been using peace + calming essential oil and I think its really made a difference. 
  • Best moment this week: I saw my chiropractor twice this week (for the first time in over a year!) and I have felt a major difference in how I'm feeling. I'm definitely a believer that chiropractic work can influence almost any ailment/pain for the better. I've even seen an improvement in my asthma after just one visit. I'm excited to continue to get adjusted throughout this pregnancy, I think it was a big help in my recovery that I had been adjusted consistently throughout Daphne's pregnancy. 
  • Worst moment this week: It wasn't really a "worst moment" but this past Wednesday was the due date we were given for our third baby, who we named Mercy. We miscarried at just 6 weeks pregnant this past summer. It was sad to reflect on her short little life and what could've been but I'm thankful the Lord gave her to me to carry if even for a moment here on earth. 
  • Miss anything: My abdominal strength! Don't get me wrong its not like I was rocking a six-pack before or anything but its difficult to even sit up from the couch these days! It's like an olympic sport for me to try to roll over in bed!
  • Movement: I have felt baby moving and I can feel when baby sits in one place for awhile. There have been a few times where I felt a small kick but whenever I put my hand on my belly to try to feel baby kick again, it stops. I can't wait for those comforting, non-stop kicks!
  • Symptoms: Thankfully, I have been feeling much better this week. My doctor has told me to eat protein ever 1.5 hours to curb the dizziness and that has actually helped (although its been more like every 3 hours). The symptoms I've experienced this week are fatigue, sore breasts, frequent urination and I think the 'nesting' phase is starting! 
  • Cravings: I have been obsessed with this orange, pineapple, banana fruit juice this week, I've gone through like 3 containers! I've also been craving avocados and 5 Guys. 
  • Queasy or sick: Neither! 
  • Looking forward to: I've been doing She Reads Truth Bible studies on my own for years and they just released their first devo with Lifeway! My church is offering it as one of their Bible study options this spring, so a friend and I signed up! It starts tomorrow and I'm so excited! 

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