Daphne Anne: Twelve Months

Weight: 20 lbs. (50 percentile for her weight!)

Height: 30 in. (80 percentile for her height!) 

Sleep: Daphne has been going to bed around 7:00/7:30 and waking up between 8:00/8:30. She has continued to take a morning nap, two hours after she wakes up, for about two hours. She also takes her afternoon nap two hours after waking up from her morning nap for about two hours. 

Eating: We have started weaning Daphne this month, I dropped the second to last nursing session of the day (it was the one she seemed least interested in) for about two weeks and then we dropped the lunch nursing session as well. In the past few days we have also dropped the nursing session before bed so we are down to just nursing first thing in the morning. We're doing a "don't offer/don't refuse" policy and so far she hasn't even asked to nurse. 

After nursing first thing in the morning I wait for about an hour and then give her oatmeal, yogurt, and whole milk. I tried offering almond milk for awhile, which she really liked but because she's so small I think it's better that she have the whole milk since it's higher in protein, calcium and fat. Her other breakfast favorites are eggs, banana bread, fruit, avocados, waffles and greek yogurt. For lunch she typically eats lunchmeat, cheese, and some kind of green, fruit and sometimes yogurt and whole milk. She has a snack after her afternoon nap, usually a juice/water mix and cheerios. For dinner she has whatever we've been eating. She's a big fan of fish, spaghetti and lemon chicken!

Daphne isn't a huge fan of milk in the sippy cup, but we're trying to get her used to it and not offer a bottle. I've offered her chocolate milk but she doesn't seem to be a big fan of that either.

Diapers: Size three!

Clothes: In the last week or so Daphne has had some kind of growth spurt, she doesn't fit into her 9 month sleepers at all and her little jelly sandals have gotten pretty tight. Her 9 month onesies and pants still fit but we are definitely building up our 12 - 18 month stock!

Mood: Daphne has a big personality! Lots of laughing, yelling and jabbering! She is so funny and likes to make faces and copy sounds, she is starting to be a bit more independent too. She plays well by herself and even enjoys going to the nursery to play with the other kids. She is still a bit timid in groups, but she really loves watching people talk and kids play. 

- Her drum set. Especially the drum sticks.
- Her wubbanubs. She now has to have both Bruno and Larry! 
- Her kitchen. She loves to hang off the faucet and slam the doors.
- Patchy and Whitney. Which are the spatula and whisk that we let her play with. 
- Being read to. We read her books before every nap, she won't go down without it! 
- Her morning shows, Bubble Guppies and Doc McStuffins.
- Music. We've been loving Johnnyswim, Tori Kelly and Brooke Fraser!

Doesnt Love:
- Missing naptime!
- Milk. She doesn't loves drinking out of her straw cup, but we're committed to getting her used to it!

What I Want to Remember:
- Going in to pick her up before I go to bed, she plops her sleepy head on my chest and holds my arms with her hands. Im addicted.
- Her scrunchy smile face.
- Her giggle when I go to give her one last kiss at bedtime.
- How she turns the pages for the books we read her.
- Nursing her, since in a couple weeks I think we'll be done with nursing for good. I have loved those moments with my girl.

Looking Forward To:
- Watching her first steps!
- Teaching her words, colors, and how to communicate better.
- Christmas, Im already looking at what I want to get for her!


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