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07 July 2015

Daphne Anne: Eleven Months

Weight: Haven't weighed her since her last appointment.

Height: She gets measured at her next pediatrician appointment next month!

Sleep: Daphne goes to sleep around 7:00/7:30 pm and I've been waking her up around 8/8:30 am. She takes a two hour nap about two hours after she wakes up in the morning, and she usually takes a second nap about two hours waking up from her second nap. Since we've been traveling a lot this month she has been a little off her routine. She has gone to bed a bit later and woken up a bit earlier and sometimes gone the entire day without even one nap! But she's been a trooper! 

Eating: Daphne nurses about 4 times a day, around every 4 hours. She continues to nurse on one side per feeding for 3-5 minutes. I've started having more issues with my asthma for the past week so she has been nursing a bit longer, sometimes both sides per feeding. I feed her meals about an hour after she nurses. Since this month has been a bit hectic, she has been having a lot of pouches and puffs for meals. She loves oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast, I typically offer her a sippy cup with juice and water - she only takes a few sips. For lunch she has been loving lunchmeat, cheese, apple sauce, avacados, cherry tomatos and a sippy cup - or whatever we're eating. For dinner she has been eating whatever we're eating, she loves green beans, noodles, broccoli and watermelon! We also introduced cantaloupe and shrimp this month, which she loves!

Diapers: Size three!

Clothes: I've recently cleaned out and sorted her clothes and I've had to put away her 3-6 month clothes - finally! She is wearing 6-9 month clothes with a a few 12 month pieces. Buying shoes has been challenging - I found one pair that is size 3-6 months and it seems to fit perfectly. But I've purchased a pair in the same size, in a different brand, and it was way too big. 

Mood: Daphne has developed quite a personality! She is always making the most hilarious faces and she is always on the move! We did her first birthday photoshoot this month and it was all we could do to get her to look at the camera and stop wiggling around - much less, smile! She's a happy baby and at times even a little shy. Her go-to face is this blank stare that seems to say "Yeah, so what?" Hah! She makes us laugh so much! 

It's a good thing these monthly updates are almost over, Scout can't take much more! Hah! 

Baby's First Blocks. This is still one of Daphne's favorite toys, she crawls right over to it and throws the lid off about 100 times a day. 
- Books. When we read to her before bedtime is usually the only time that she actually sits still!
- Music. And her favorites are currently any Bubble Guppies song or Anthony Evans! 
- Bubble Guppies. I purchased two episodes for our flights and now that I have them both entirely memorized, I can say I think I see why she loves this show so much. Catchy. 
- Crawling, Standing, Pulling herself up. This girl loves to move!
- Giving big hugs. All we usually have to do is say "big hug?" and she'll plop her head down on us and it is just my favorite thing. She has also started just hugging the floor, a toy or whatever is closest, haha!
- The beach. We had a fantastic time at Myrtle Beach a couple weeks ago! She loved the waves and the sand (she ate wayyyy too much).
- Cake. We did her first birthday photoshoot this month, a little early because we don't have a lot of availability for the next few weeks. So she had her first taste of cake and I've never seen her more quietly enjoying something - and then devastated because we had to take it away! Hah! 

Doesnt Love:
- Not having both her wubbanubs at naptime and bedtime. We lay her down with one and she instantly starts searching around for the other one. Girl just likes to be prepared - I feel ya Daphne. 
- Being told "no". Now that she's pulling herself up on everything and crawling super fast, I feel like I say "no" a million times a day! Sometimes Daphne is completely unfazed by the stern warning and other times...she will throw her head back in a fake cry and squint her eyes at me. I've also had to tap her hand a couple times after which she will wipe it off on the floor or shake it. Man are we in for it. Accepting donations now for all "strong willed child" parenting books. 

What I Want to Remember:
- Her sweet baby breath. Intoxicating.
- The way she claps her hands together, she's so proud of herself!
- We pray with her every night and just this week when we put our hands together and said "Let's pray" she did the same thing - I love watching her pick up on things!
- Her excited face, which she usually only does for food or Daddy. Its hilarious though!

Looking Forward To:
- Watching her first steps!
- Her first birthday party!
- Being done with these monthly updates! Whew! It has been a challenge to get these up every month - but I'm so glad I have a record of her milestones. Next month is the last one! 

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