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10 June 2015

Daphne Anne: Ten Months

Weight: We haven't weighed her since her last appointment. I'm confident she's gaining weight, as we have been obeying the doctor's instructions to "push the calories". She may even be going through a growth spurt!

Height: Haven't measured her since her last appointment. 

Sleep: Daphne has been waking up around 9:00/9:30 am in the mornings - if she's gone to bed late she has slept in until 10:30! She typically goes down for a nap about two hours after she wakes up and sleeps for two hours. Then she wakes up (usually around 1:00/1:30) and then goes back down for a nap two hours later (around 3:00/3:30). Her afternoon nap usually lasts for about an hour - hour and a half. Then she goes down for bed between 7:00-7:30. Over the past few days Daphne has been having a difficult time sleeping and has been a bit moody (hello, tantrums). I think that's my cue to start waking her up a bit earlier!

Eating: Daphne nurses about every 4 hours; 3-4 times a day. We had a bit of an issue with my milk supply this month - after seeing a lactation consultant I learned that if you have a chronic illness, like asthma and you become symptomatic, it can affect your supply! As soon as my asthma was under control we were back to nursing like normal! She nurses on one side per feeding for about 3-5 minutes. About an hour after nursing I feed her meals. Here are some of her breakfast favs: scrambled eggs, waffles with pureed fruit on top, yogurt, bananas, strawberries and apple cinnamon oatmeal. Her lunch favs: lunchmeat and cheese, avacados, cherry tomatoes, yogurt, watermelon, peas, mac n cheese and noodles. Her dinner favs: baked chicken, chicken nuggets, veggie burger, green beans, broccoli, noodles and yogurt or a fruit pouch for desert. She's a pretty good eater! I've slacked a bit at offering her water with every meal, so she's taken a step back and doesn't drink as much with each meal. If we're out over meal time I bring two pouches with me and a good amount of puffs! 

Diapers: Size three!

Clothes: In the beginning of the month she was still wearing a good amount of size 3-6 months, but over the past few weeks she has been fitting into a lot of her 6-9 month clothes! She even has a 12 month romper that she can fit into! She wears size 3-6 month shoes. 

Mood: Daphne is mostly a happy baby, if she has napped and eaten properly that day - she's an energetic, busy little thing! She can entertain herself pretty well and has learned to crawl and pull herself up so she's always getting into something. That being said - if she hasn't napped or eaten well that day - she's a bit of a mess. We have experienced a full-on temper tantrum and countless screaming matches. That girl knows how to get loud. She is very intense at meal times and it seems like she never stops moving when she's playing! 

My husband affectionately calls this the "monkey face"! 

- Mealtime. A little coaxing is usually involved when we introduce foods - and she defintly lets us know when she's done with a particular flavor but she flaps her little arms, bounces and excitedly signs for "more" almost the entire time! 
- Baby's First Blocks. Now that Daphne is mobile, we get to see which toys she prefers and she crawls to this toy and plays with it every single day! 
- Little People Animal Toys. Daphne loves for us to hold up the animals and make their sounds! They are so perfect for her to grab and crawl around with. 
- Books. She crawls to her bookshelf and happily pulls out every book she has, pretty much every day. She sits so still and listens so well whenever we read to her before naps and bedtime.
- Music and dancing. She has started to bounce - we've even seen her do a little shoulder pop whenever she hears music! 
- Bubble Guppies. We have just started rotating between Doc McStuffins and this show and I have to say - it's very entertaining! She looooves all the songs!
- Pulling herself up. She usually pulls herself up on our glasss coffee table - which reminds me, we probably need a new coffee table...
- Crawling. She went from only "army crawling" to proficiently (and quickly!) crawling all around the house! I'm going to blink and she'll be walking!
- Dadddy. She is definitely a Daddy's girl, she looks at him like he hung the moon just for her. Whenever he gets on the floor with her, she crawls all over him for hours! 

Doesnt Love:
- Not getting her naps for the day. I have had some of the worst days with her since she's been born on these days. We have our first flight together this weekend, the travel day is from 6:30 am - 4:30 pm and I'm hoping and praying that she doesn't put on one of her tantrums on flight. 

What I Want to Remember:
- Her sweet cuddles and hugs, she is becoming such a loving little girl.
- Going in to get her from a nap and hearing her say "Mama!" - I don't think she understands exactly what she's saying, but I like to pretend that she does!
- When she bows her head and looks up at me, it's such a devious little look! I think we've got our hands full with this one!
- Her big old laugh! Man I love to get her going!

Looking Forward To:
- Seeing my family this weekend and watching Daphne experience so many firsts at the beach!
- Introducing her to my Grandma and family members on my Mom's side next week!
- Planning her first birthday party! I can't believe it's already so close! 

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