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15 May 2015

Daphne Anne: Nine Months

Weight: 16 lbs. (she's in the 14% for her weight)

Height: 27.2 in. (32% for her height)

Sleep: Daphne usually wakes up around 9:30 (she can sleep till 10:00 - it's crazy!), she goes back down for a nap around 11:00/11:30 and sleeps until around 1:00. After waking up from her morning nap she goes back down around 3:00 and sleeps until around 4:30. She doesn't always need a nap before dinner but if she's a little fussy I'll put her down for about 30 minutes before dinner. She goes to bed between 7:00 and 7:30. So thankful for such an easy sleeper! 

Eating: Daphne nurses every 3-3.5 hours, one side per feeding for about 3-5 minutes. For breakfast she will have 4 oz. of baby food (she has learned to suck directly from the pouch - which is a game changer for meal-time), and about 15 yogurt puffs. For lunch she will have a 4 oz. pouch and about 20 puffs. For dinner she usually has 8 oz. of baby food and about 25 puffs. I also have been offering her a sippy cup or a straw cup with water and a tiny bit of juice in it after every meal. She is especially good with the straw cup, she usually gets about half an ounce per meal.

Diapers: She wore size two for the majority of the month but after a soaked bedding situation one morning, we went to size three for bedtime. Now she wears size three diapers all day.

Clothes: I did a complete re-organization of Daphne's closet this month and was really surprised to find that there were quite a few size 3 month clothes that she continues to wear! The 3 month size pants are more like capris on her, but they actually fit her quite well. She does wear a lot of size 6-9 month clothes as well. I recently had to purchase bathing suits for her for our beach vacation this summer, that girl has no hips! It was so hard to find one that fit her properly! 

Mood: Daphne is getting a bigger and bigger personality! She screams and squeals a lot and her little giggle is so infectious! She's still pretty apprehensive about meeting new people, but she's generally a happy baby. I've also noticed that wheel turning in her head, I don't think she knows she's disobeying but I think she doesn't like being told "no" or not getting what she wants. She's such a loving baby, she loves to cuddle and be held - these days are flying by, so I will hold her as much as I possibly can. Thank you Ergo Baby

These pictures are soooo hard to take now! She rolls over instantly and Scout is DONE. Hah! 

- Her naptime toys. Scout, Teddy, Larry and Bruno. But Scout and Larry are the favs.  
- Mealtime. This girl is a bottomless pit! She loves her pouches and LOVES her puffs! I'm not sure she ever feels full. 
- Her vanity. She still plays with this toy every single day. 
- She loves reading time before naps and bedtime! I can't wait to share my favorites with her someday. 
- Music. If she's getting fussy in the car, we just flip on some music and she quiets down almost instantly. 
- Doc McStuffins. She has started 'watching' Doc McStuffins much more intently than she used to, like she understands the situations or something! And she still smiles and bounces whenever she hears the theme song. 
- Watching videos of herself. It's hilarious! She thinks she is just the funniest thing!
- "Big Hugs" - I've been trying to teach her how to give hugs and she's started picking up on it! I'll hold her and ask for a big hug and she plops her head down on my shoulder (and usually she'll pop right back up), but on Mother's Day she fell asleep on me in that position! It was her little Mother's Day gift to me :) 
- Army Crawling. She rocks on her hands and knees and has even taken a few crawling steps but if she sees something that she wants to go after, she gets into the army crawl position and bolts after it! I guess she'll crawl whenever she wants to! 
- Facetime. She loooooves facetiming my parents! Whenever I call them and the phone is ringing she squeals and screams and then just loves watching them and copying them and staring at them! 

Doesnt Love:
- Waiting for food. Now that Daphne knows the sign for "more" she keeps signing it over and over again. The girl gets impatient waiting for me to reach for another puff and hand it to her, seriously, can't feed her fast enough!
- Being told "no". We're at that point where I can tell her "no" but she doesn't really understand why, she just knows that she does not like being told to stop doing something she wants to do. Uh-oh.
- Green Beans. So far this is the only flavor that she has shown she doesn't like. I have to buy a mix that has green beans hidden in it in order for her to eat them.

What I Want to Remember:

- Asking for "big hugs" and having her plop her little head on my shoulder and then pop back up 5 seconds later with a big old smile on her face!
- How she signs for "more" (it looks more like she's signing "time-out" but oh well), and she gets so mad when she has to sign for it before we give her more!
- The look on her face after we tell her "no", oh man, so much 'tude.
- How she just babbles on and on to herself while she plays.

Looking Forward To:

- Going to the beach with her and my family in a couple weeks!
- Seeing her reaction to finger foods and being able to give her what we're eating!
- Her first birthday, it's coming up!

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