Daphne Anne: Seven Months

Weight: I haven't weighed her since her last appointment, I'm assuming she's at least 15 lbs. now. 

Height: I haven't measured her since her last appointment. 

Sleep: I am so proud of my girl! She still takes her three naps a day, her morning nap lasts for about an hour+ and her afternoon nap can be from 45 min-1 hour, her evening nap is the tricky one sometimes only lasting for 30 min. I try to make sure she wakes up at least two hours before bedtime. She goes to bed around 7:30 pm and sleeps until about 7:30 am. The time change has thrown her all off though and she's been waking up between 8:45-9:30! Hallelujah! She doesn't sleep swaddled anymore, we have been using the Halo Sleep Sack and I'm LOVING it! She rolls all around in her crib, and it keeps her safe and warm. We also don't rock her to sleep anymore. I honestly don't think her good sleeping habits are anything that we have done, she just happens to be an easy sleeper. Which I'm super grateful for, because I was prepared for the worst! 

Eating: Daphne still nurses every 2.5-3 hours, for 5-10 minutes on one side. We introduced solids in puree form this past month and let me tell you, this girl LOVES food! I actually had to call my pediatrician because I had been told that when they were full they would turn their head away, but Daphne seemed to be a bottomless pit! I was giving her about 2.5 oz one time a day at first and she would just scream and cry if I stopped feeding her! He advised me to feed her breakfast, lunch and dinner (as opposed to feeding her just once a day) and just use my judgement as to how much to feed her. He also told me that some kids just really enjoy the taste and even though they feel full, they just want to keep eating. I think I know where she gets that from. So far she has tried bananas, apples, prunes, sweet potatoes, pears, squash, peas, peaches and carrots. I've been waiting 3-4 days before introducing a new flavor. She loves them all! I've also just recently started giving her little banana and pumpkin flavored teething crackers to help her start learning to feed herself, its a disgusting mess, but she really enjoys them. 

This was during her first taste of bananas. As you can see, she's a big fan. 

Daphne still spits up pretty regularly, so I was concerned when starting purees that she would choke herself in her sleep. My pediatrician calls it "happy spitting", because when a baby vomits it's much more traumatic for them. I've been glued to her monitor for nap times and at night. She still has moments when she spits up quite a bit, but for the most part she seems to be getting better about not spitting up. 

Scout is no longer okay with these little monthly pictures. This was the best that I could get! Also, look at those chunky thighs!

Diapers: Size two! 

Clothes: She still wears size 6-9 months. There are a few pants that are too short for her and she's in this weird stage where her 6 month sleepers are a little tight but her 9 month sleepers are too big. 

Mood: She's steadily becoming less and less shy. She has developed more relationships with my friends and recognizes their faces and smiles. Whenever we facetime my parents, the second she sees them she smiles and starts bouncing. If she's in a new place it still takes awhile for her to be herself. But at home she screams, bounces, jabbers, giggles, yells, scoots....the girl can produce some volume. 

Everything in Scout's being is telling him to run right now. 

- Her Scout toy. She goes to bed with Larry and Scout every night. And when she's having a hard time getting to sleep she just clutches his neck, it's absolutely precious. 
- The mirror. I'm convinced she could sit in front of the mirror and stare at herself all day long. I have a little narcissistic baby. 
Zo-Li Gummy Sticks. These are still her favorite teethers! 
- Larry Lamb. She has gotten much better at finding her paci in the crib and it is so adorable watching her spin him around and try to find the paci. Sometimes she just ends up sucking on his little bum. 
- Books. Her favs: Snuggle Puppy (I think we read/sing her this one like 10x a day), Barnyard Dance (my husband hates how I read this book, he calls it annoying - I call it captivating) and Little Blue Truck.
- Music. I play Bethany Dillon in her room all night long (trying to instill my musical taste early) and in the car we listen to a whole lot of Johnnyswim and Brooke Fraser. But if she's really irritable, we put on some Anthony Evans and she quiets down immediately - she might be my husband's daughter after all. 
- Facetiming my parents. I facetime my parents once a day or once every other day and she just loves them! My Mom will play games with her and it's like she's in the room with us. What would we do without facetime?!
- Doc McStuffins. 
- Franklin. I found this show on YouTube because I remembered my little sisters watching it and thinking it was cute, whenever we're out of town and she's restless, I sit her on my lap and we watch Franklin together. 
- Eating. She grunts and hollers the whole time. She even makes a little "Yumm" sound with almost every spoonful. It's intense. 
- Tommee Tippee pacis. This is the only other paci I can get her to keep in her mouth besides her Larry. Naturally, my daughter likes the most expensive paci. 

Doesnt Love:

- How hard it is to crawl. She tries so hard, but she just isn't there yet. And after awhile she just rolls back over and cries. 
- Certain people. I don't know how she decides who is deemed worthy enough to hold her, but there are just certain people that she fusses whenever they hold her or she cries whenever she sees them. She's quite picky. 
- When we're all done eating. I try to make it a positive thing when she's finished a jar of baby food, I do the sign for "all done" and I clap and say "Yeah, good job!", I've even written a Clean Plate Ranger song for her. But it doesn't matter. The second she sees that there will be no more food shoveled into her mouth, screaming commences. Only the paci will calm her. 

What I Want to Remember:

- Watching her scramble to find her Larry in the middle of the night and spin him around trying to figure out where the paci is. It's so precious to watch her figure things out. 
- How unbelievable thrilled she is to see herself in the mirror. 
- How she just lays against my chest when we read together.  
- The way she tries to hold onto her teething crackers, sometimes between her ring finger and pinky...she hasn't figured it out yet, but it's hilarious to watch her try. 
- The conversations that I hear her and my husband have. He just chats with her all the time and sings to her. She loves his voice. 
- How she kind of "hugs" me when I go pick her up from the nursery. She presses her head against my neck and clings to me. I melt every time. 
- Whenever she's laying down on the floor, she holds her legs above the ground in a kind of "plank" the entire time. I don't know why she does it, but it cracks me up!
- How she sometimes giggles when she's nursing and how much I'm going to miss those moments with her when she's weaned. 

Looking Forward To:

- Watching her crawl
- Teaching her to say words
- Watching her pick up on the small amount of sign language that we've been teaching her
- Being able to give her finger foods and let her start eating what we eat


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