Daphne Anne: Six Months

Weight: 14.7 lbs. (23% - skinny girl!)

Height: 26.25 in. (66% - they apparently measured her incorrectly last time, so she's actually pretty average for her age)

Sleep: We have gone down to three naps a day. She typically takes a nap about two hours after waking up and naps for about an hour, then she naps again around 12:00 and again around 3:00. She has still been sleeping with the swaddle (although we've been leaving one arm out, trying to transition away from it) and we still rock her to sleep for all of her naps and at bedtime. It's seriously my favorite thing ever. She goes to bed for the night around 7:30-8:00 and wakes up around 7:30-8:00. Yesterday was our first day without the swaddle and not rocking her to sleep, she's actually doing very well!

Eating: She is still going about 2.5-3 hours between each feeding. She nurses on one side per feeding and nurses for about 5-10 minutes. I have continued giving her a bottle of breast milk mixed with some rice cereal before bedtime. We're introducing solids this week and I am so excited! I hope it's a great experience for her! 

Side Note: Any Mommas that are reading this, please give me your first-time food advice! 

Diapers: Size two! 

Clothing: She still wears a few 6 month sleepers, but some of them are already too small. So I've been putting her in some 9 month sleepers. She is a little long for some of her 6 month pants, but for the most part she still wears size 6 months. 

Mood: We are getting more and more glimpses into her little personality, I love it! She is definitely observant, she typically assesses the room before she seems comfortable in it. When she's home with us she is quick to smile and laugh and she usually jabbers to herself all day long! Whenever she's around new or unfamiliar people she doesn't smile very much and just seems to be 'taking it all in'. All in all, she's a pretty happy baby and I just adore her shy and sweet spirit!

Scout's face....hahahahahah


- Doc McStuffins. Since this is really the only show she watches consistently, she has started to respond to the theme song. Whenever it starts playing she smiles and starts rocking back and forth! So cute!
- Scout. Not the real Scout. She still hasn't figured him out. We bought her a stuffed chihuahua and named him after our dog and he has become one of our 'comfort toys'. 
- Stuffy. I'm definitely a sucker for anything Doc McStuffins, so I got her the little dragon from the show and she loves him! She grabs him by the neck and sucks on his face and just stares at his glittery horns! 
- Shoppers Set. Her favs are the lettuce, milk and banana. 
- Zo-Li Gummy Sticks. These are my all-time favorite teethers to give her! She always sticks one finger in her mouth and chews on it so these give her the specific teething relief that she wants! 
- Chewbeads. A friend sent me these and Daphne is obsessed with them! 
- Larry Lamb. A staple in the Wagner house. 
- Music. Specifically anything shockingly loud.
- Aunt Andi's Snuggle Puppy song. When my friend Andrea read Snuggle Puppy to her daughter, she made up a little tune for it and its so catchy that we're all singing it! We sing it to Daphne all the time, she loves it!
- Cuddling. And it makes me melt. 

Doesnt Love:

- Sleeping without being swaddled. But we're slowly but surely getting her transitioned away from it. 
- Certain people. And I haven't figured out how she picks the ones that she does love. But she doesn't let just anybody hold her!

What I Want to Remember:

- How she cuddles me with one arm around my side and she tickles me as she sleeps on me. 
- How she smiles with her entire face, it just melts me! 
- She's laughing more often and her perfect giggle is my favorite sound ever. 
- When she recognizes me when I go to pick her up from the nursery, that big smile and the way she bounces in my arms are just the best!
- She has started bouncing in my arms whenever she gets excited - I love it!
- Her tiny, unsure face whenever she observes the room. I just love those little lips! 

Looking Forward To:

- Her being able to sit up proficiently.
- Introducing new foods - we just introduced bananas today!
- Watching her be able to play on her own. 
- Teaching her to say little words, or how to sign words. 


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