Any Day Now, We'll Be Going Home

Life is so short. 

Even the fullest and longest of lives, when they're over, it still seems too soon. 

This weekend has stirred some thoughts in me that I don't usually think about. 
The judgement of America. 
Potential genocide in the States. 
The salvation of my children hanging in the balance. 
The lives of my family members. 
The souls of people I see, walking about not realizing they're destined for hell. 
My very real and uncomfortable apathy (or fear?) to share the gospel. 
My apathy about Israel. 
My responsibility to lead my children to the Lord. 

I mean, typing it all out makes me just want to get in bed and hide under my covers. But even though my thoughts have landed on some pretty heavy topics, there is one big thing that bothers me about myself. 

I find myself clinging to this world. And I mean white-knuckled-grip kind of clinging. I'm excited about my next cup of coffee, my daughter's next milestone, my next child, my beach vacation next summer....all good things. But where is my longing for heaven?

If I really understood the brevity and reality of this sinful world, my heart would break for souls destined for hell and burst with the gospel. 

But instead I find myself secretly asking the Lord to wait for His return so that I can experience my daughter's first word or a 50th anniversary cruise with my husband. 

Our church choir sang these lines this weekend, and I pray that they become the song of my heart:

Count the years as months
Count the months as weeks
Count the weeks as days
Any day now
We'll be going home

Lord, give me a sorrow for this world and your supernatural joy. Give me a longing for your ultimate return. 

"Truly, truly, I say to you, you will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice. You will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will turn into joy."
John 16:20


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