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Daphne Anne: Four Months

Weight: 13 lbs. 4 oz. (31% - our skinny minnie)
Height: 25.4 in. (89% tall and skinny - she's a Wagner!)
Sleep: Daphne still takes pretty regular naps during the day, probably about 4 or 5. We've completely transitioned her into her crib (it's SO nice to have our bedroom back!) and she goes down for the night between 7:00-7:30. She wakes up around 3 am and 6 am to nurse and then she goes right back to sleep. Every once in awhile she'll only wake up once, but its usually twice. For the most part, she's a pretty easy sleeper!
Eating: Now that she's sleeping longer at night, she nurses every 2 hours during the day. She nurses on one side per feeding for about 10-15 min. 

Diapers: Size one.
Clothing: I've had to bite the bullet and get rid of her 3 month sleepers, they were some of my favorites so it was kinda difficult. She still fits in size 3-6 onesies and pants, but she's too long for the 3 month sleepers. 
Mood: She is loving mom and dad right now, she …