On Being a Mom...

"Once you see her, you'll be so overwhelmed with love for her."

"You don't even know how much you're going to love her until she gets here."

"It's going to be crazy how much you will instantly love her!"

These are a few of the things that people said to me about the arrival of my daughter and how a Mother's love is so instantaneous and so strong. I guess I believed them, but there really isn't a way to understand how you're going to love someone that you really don't know yet. 

My husband and I were talking about our daughter's birth the other day and we both agreed that the second we laid eyes on her, we loved her. But we also had no clue who this little person was.

It's strange to look down at this little baby that you've been carrying for 9 months and who you honestly and truly love, but....who are they?

My daughter is only three weeks old. 

But I know her gassy smile. 
I know her coughing face when she swallows too much. 
I know her completely satisfied face. 
I know her "I'm-covered-in-milk-and-I-love-it" face.
I know her "I'm-covered-in-milk-and-I-hate-it" face.
I know her "I-just-want-to-stare-at-you" face.
I know her pouty lips right before a big ol' cry.
I have memorized her beautiful blue eyes. 
I know her sweet little toes. Poor thing got her Momma's feet.
I know her hands. Even when they pull and scratch at me while I'm nursing. 
I know her "where's-Mom?" face. This is my favorite. 

And the biggest thing that I know is that it's our responsibility to raise her, to teach her, to help her. We get the awesome job of getting to know her better than anyone else. And we get the incredible (and daunting) task of being Daphne's parents. 

So, being a Mom is awesome. I've never felt more purpose and more joy in my entire life. THIS is what I was meant to do. The harder days will come. But these days. These will be my favorites for sure. 


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