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09 September 2014

Daphne Anne: One Month

Weight: 8 lbs. 6 oz. (at her last appointment)

Height: 20.5 in.

Sleep: The first few weeks we were trying to get her weight back up (she had lost about 14% of her birth weight) so we were nursing every 2 hours with one 3-4 hour stretch at night. Now that her weight isn't a concern anymore, she sleeps after her last feeding of the day (between 9-10 pm) for 5-7 hours.

Eating: Daphne basically stopped nursing around day three (which from what I've read is the hardest day for nursing mommas). It was a super stressful time! We even fed Daphne breast milk from a dropper while at the breast, to try to make sure she was getting something. Our pediatrician told us it was crucial to go to a lactation consultant as soon as possible. The lactation consultant made me feel better by telling me that I was doing everything right, but Daphne was just a lazy sucker and had a high palette. She had me start using a nipple guard and put us on a strict feeding routine (offer one breast, then give at least 30 mL of pumped milk from a bottle then pump for 15 min). After about 2 weeks of that, Daphne had gained her birth weight back and then some! She now feeds from just the breast, about 20 min. on each side. We're currently working to ween her off the nipple guard, easier said than done.

Diapers: She's still in NB diapers, my favorite is Pampers Swaddlers.

Clothing: She's still wearing all NB sizes. There was one sleeper that I didn't even get to put on her because it was too small, so obviously I freaked out a little. Turns out it was an inconspicuously marked premie sleeper, whew! My husband has commented that she might be getting too long for certain NB sleepers, and tears were shed.

Mood: She's a pretty chill baby (praise the Lord!). She's very observant, she loves to stare into people's eyes and just watch the room. I can already see her sweet spirit, and man does she love to cuddle!

Some of the outtakes from our little 'photoshoot', check out that adorable smile!


  • Her white fuzzy blanket, especially if Daddy is holding her!
  • Her wubbanubs, which we have affectionately named Larry the Lamb and Bruno (or Brunskies) the Dog.
  • Bath time! Well, she likes the warm water being poured over her. She doesn't necessarily love the actual getting clean part ;-)
  • Mornings. Oh I LOVE mornings with my girl! She's so sweet, happy and alert!
  • Music. Does this shock anyone? :) She especially loves when Daddy dances her around the room to Disney songs (while Mommy unapologetically knows every word and sings along). She has sat through our Saturday night service soundcheck and the loud music actually puts her to sleep! I can't wait to share this passion with her.
  • Mommy's singing. There has been NO BABY that has ever soothed when I sang to them, except for mine. It is truly a small answer to prayer. I love singing Bethany Dillon's "You're the Best Song" to her.
  • Pop-pop. I mean she loves my Mom too, but every time my Dad holds her, she instantly soothes. Sometimes they would just stare at each other while he sang her hymns. Presh.
  • Being in the Solly Baby Wrap. Daphne loves to be held and this wrap (although I may look like Sacagawea) has been my saving grace for being able to get anything done or go anywhere! I'm a BIG fan.
  • Light. She loves to stare out the window when it's light outside, it seems to mesmerize her.
  • Rain or ocean sounds. One of the only ways we have been able to soothe her has been with this portable sound machine or with our rain app. She also loves shushing and humming.
  • Eye contact. I'm telling you, if I look away she starts to grab at my shirt till I turn to her again. Even when she's in the wrap, I have to hold her head sometimes while she tilts her head back to stare at me!
  • Tummy time. She's like Hercules with her head control and rolling over! Tummy time on Dad is her favorite though :)

Doesn’t Love:

  • Having her face wiped, she gets a bit dramatic.
  • Her car seat. Sometimes if she's too sleepy to care, we won't hear a peep out of her. But most of the time, she just likes to scream about it ;-)
  • Tummy time. It's a love-hate relationship.
  • Her hands, they are her worst enemy. They knock out her paci which she wants. They knock off the nipple guard which she wants. They remove her blanket which she wants. They scratch her face which scares her. Girl needs to get it together.

What I Want to Remember:

  • Her sweet blue eyes. Maybe they'll change to brown later, but she has the prettiest eyes.
  • Her lips. She makes this "Ooh" shape with them and it is so precious.
  • The way she stares at me. Fav.
  • Napping with her on my chest.
  • How quiet and simple our new family unit is right now. Carson and I look forward to just passing her back and forth and watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" every night. Even Scout gets in on the cuddling with her!

Looking Forward To:

  • When she's ready to sleep a bit longer at night.
  • Her baby dedication in a couple weeks! I'm on the hunt for an adorable dedication outfit :)
  • Making her smile and laugh!
  • Watching her discover her hands and her baby talk.
  • Introducing her to our best friends in a couple weeks! And their sweet little baby (and Daphne's future bestie)!

01 September 2014

On Being a Mom...

"Once you see her, you'll be so overwhelmed with love for her."

"You don't even know how much you're going to love her until she gets here."

"It's going to be crazy how much you will instantly love her!"

These are a few of the things that people said to me about the arrival of my daughter and how a Mother's love is so instantaneous and so strong. I guess I believed them, but there really isn't a way to understand how you're going to love someone that you really don't know yet. 

My husband and I were talking about our daughter's birth the other day and we both agreed that the second we laid eyes on her, we loved her. But we also had no clue who this little person was.

It's strange to look down at this little baby that you've been carrying for 9 months and who you honestly and truly love, but....who are they?

My daughter is only three weeks old. 

But I know her gassy smile. 
I know her coughing face when she swallows too much. 
I know her completely satisfied face. 
I know her "I'm-covered-in-milk-and-I-love-it" face.
I know her "I'm-covered-in-milk-and-I-hate-it" face.
I know her "I-just-want-to-stare-at-you" face.
I know her pouty lips right before a big ol' cry.
I have memorized her beautiful blue eyes. 
I know her sweet little toes. Poor thing got her Momma's feet.
I know her hands. Even when they pull and scratch at me while I'm nursing. 
I know her "where's-Mom?" face. This is my favorite. 

And the biggest thing that I know is that it's our responsibility to raise her, to teach her, to help her. We get the awesome job of getting to know her better than anyone else. And we get the incredible (and daunting) task of being Daphne's parents. 

So, being a Mom is awesome. I've never felt more purpose and more joy in my entire life. THIS is what I was meant to do. The harder days will come. But these days. These will be my favorites for sure.