36 Week Bump Update

  • How far along: 36 weeks
  • Gender: Girl
  • Weight gain: I've gained 2.4 lbs. this week. Overall weight gain is at 6.6 lbs. 
  • Maternity clothes: I've been lounging in leggings mostly this week and big t-shirts. Whenever I go out for doctor's appointments I typically wear a maxi skirt or my maternity shorts. 
  • Stretch Marks: Just the one weird one on my left side, still applying coconut oil all over. 
  • Belly button in or out: In, but super flat. 
  • Sleep: I had a bit of insomnia earlier in the week, it was miserable. I moved to the couch so I wouldn't wake up my husband and I just watched paid programming and this show called "Jail" until about 4 in the morning when I finally went to sleep. Then I had another night where I just didn't feel comfortable in bed, so I slept on the couch until about 6:30 am and then was able to sleep in bed. It's been a weird week. 
  • Best moment this week: My husband has been writing Daphne a song and this week he finished it and showed it to me. It is the most beautiful song I have ever heard in my life! I started crying by line 2, it's just so awesome to see how much my husband already loves our daughter.
  • Worst moment this week: Bed rest has definitely been challenging. I have to get up and sit on the couch or my exercise ball throughout the day because laying in bed just hurts. It's hard to keep up with my water intake because I'm usually sleeping. My husband keeps reminding me that even though I'm bored to tears because I'm doing 'nothing', I'm actually doing a big 'something' for Daphne and keeping her growing is the best thing I can be doing right now. 
  • Miss anything: This may sound weird but I was thinking about these last few weeks before Daphne gets here and how our lives will change so much, and I realized that I already miss my husband. I already miss being able to just wake up and run out the door and get breakfast, walk around and just hold hands and do whatever we want. I understand we can still do those things with a baby, but it gets a bit more tricky. I just really cherish the years that we've had just the two of us and I know that as our children get older, I will be so excited to get them out of the house so I can have him all to myself again! haha 
  • Movement: Daphne's movements are basically just her adjusting herself at this point, I usually feel her back/backside on my left side and her feet, hands and probably elbows and knees on my right side. She is pretty consistent though, I can always count on a few pushes and movements in the morning and a lot more movement at night. 
  • Symptoms: Fatigue, nesting (which my sweet husband has graciously been doing for me), lack of appetite, mild nausea, frequent Braxton Hicks contractions, menstrual-like cramps, some abdominal pains, constipation, more mucus, leaky boobs and sore feet, legs and back.
  • Cravings: Sooo if you remember my 35 week bump update, I told you about how my amazing husband bought me 5 big packages of Reese's Cups. Well, this week's craving was definitely those Reese's Cups and I am slightly ashamed to admit that all 5 packages are gone. But they were sooo good. 
  • Queasy or sick: I'm not sure what triggers it, maybe I need to be snacking more throughout the day, but several times throughout the day I just feel queasy and sometimes hungry at the same time. 
  • Looking forward to: I know I said this last week but my Mom comes THIS WEEK! And I could not be more excited!! I'm so glad that she will get to be here for Daphne's birth and she is going to be such a God-send during those first few weeks of adjusting to life with a newborn. 
Thanks for stopping by! If you haven't seen Daphne's nursery, you should go check it out!


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