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38 Week Bump Update

How far along: 38 weeksGender: GirlWeight gain: I've gained 1.2 lbs. this week. My overall weight gain is 7.8 lbs. Maternity clothes: Obviously. But mostly big shirts and leggings.  Stretch Marks: I've been slacking on applying my coconut oil. Still have the two marks on my right and left side.  Belly button in or out: Shockingly, it's still in. Sleep: I've been sleeping okay. I have contractions pretty much all day long and they typically wake me up throughout the night, but I try to get sleep anyway. I also have to go to the bathroom quite often throughout the night. Best moment this week: This week has been a bit rough, but the highlight has definitely been all of the amazing meals that my Mom has been making for us!Worst moment this week: Well, we all really thought that we would have had Daphne by now. And I've been walking around really uncomfortable and really hot. Trying to be as patient as I can, but I'm also trying to induce labor. You name it, I'v…

37 Week Bump Update

How far along: 37 weeksGender: GirlWeight gain: Haven't lost or gained any weight this week. Overall weight gain is 6.6 lbs. Maternity clothes: I wear what I feel most comfortable in nowadays. It tends to be leggings or stretchy shorts and large t-shirts. I have had to start wearing my nighttime nursing bra with nursing pads because I have been leaking pretty bad (and regular bras are sooo uncomfortable at this point). Hopefully that means that I won't have issues with my milk coming in after Daphne is born.  Stretch Marks: Well I now have a set of weird marks on both my left and right side. None yet on my belly and I'm still using coconut oil. Belly button in or out: Is flat an option? Sleep: I've been sleeping well this week, I've had to use the bathroom much more frequently during the night than I ever had during my whole pregnancy. But I've been able to fall back asleep just fine. I had a couple nights where my contractions were so strong that they woke me u…

36 Week Bump Update

How far along: 36 weeksGender: GirlWeight gain: I've gained 2.4 lbs. this week. Overall weight gain is at 6.6 lbs. Maternity clothes: I've been lounging in leggings mostly this week and big t-shirts. Whenever I go out for doctor's appointments I typically wear a maxi skirt or my maternity shorts.  Stretch Marks: Just the one weird one on my left side, still applying coconut oil all over.  Belly button in or out: In, but super flat. Sleep: I had a bit of insomnia earlier in the week, it was miserable. I moved to the couch so I wouldn't wake up my husband and I just watched paid programming and this show called "Jail" until about 4 in the morning when I finally went to sleep. Then I had another night where I just didn't feel comfortable in bed, so I slept on the couch until about 6:30 am and then was able to sleep in bed. It's been a weird week. Best moment this week: My husband has been writing Daphne a song and this week he finished it and showed it to…

Daphne's Nursery

It didn't take me long to decide how I wanted to decorate Daphne's nursery. I am such a lover of neutrals and I knew I wanted neutral gear + neutral furniture so that we could continue to use them for future children (just in case #2 or #3 is a boy!).  We decided on a very neutral + clean color palette of white, cream, gray and touches of gold. I love how clean and simple it feels!

We installed a hook for the diaper bag right inside the door of the nursery. The print above it was given to us by some close friends! 

These shelves were a last minute addition to the nursery. I feel like it's the perfect way to display some of our more sentimental items. This print is one of my favorite passages of Scripture, and the glass piggy bank was given to me by my Grandpa when I was little. The blocks were made by some close friends and were used as the guest book for our baby shower! 

The floral arrangement of Daphne's initials (Daphne Anne Wagner) above the crib was a true labor …

35 Week Bump Update

How far along: 35 weeks! Gender: We're having a girl!Weight gain: I gained 1 lb. this week, putting my overall weight gain at 4.2 lbs. Maternity clothes: Since I haven't really been going out, it's been wonderful just to lounge in my loose tops and leggings. For doctor's appointments I've been wearing my favorite maternity shorts and just basic maternity tops.  Stretch Marks: I don't have any on my belly yet, but I did just discover one mark on my left side. Still applying my coconut oil during these last few weeks! Belly button in or out: It's still 'in' technically, but it's basically flat. Sleep: I've been really exhausted this week, with a few bursts of energy here and there, but I've been mostly sleeping the day away. It's uncomfortable to change position if I need to, but I've been able to fall asleep quickly and I've only gotten up to use the bathroom a couple times a night. Best moment this week: We (by 'we' I …