What Yo' Momma Didn't Tell You About Pregnancy

I know that I've shared a lot of my pregnancy journey here on this blog, but I was thinking the other day that there are experiences that I have yet to disclose + moments that I haven't shared about the prego life that I just wasn't expecting to experience. Disclaimer: This post is a little TMI, continue reading if you dare. 

1. Don't assume you'll just be nauseous in the morning. My nausea lasted me all day err' day for 6 weeks. Literally ALL DAY. ALL NIGHT. 24/7. This particular symptom could've been because my doctor had me on progesterone supplements. I was told that they can intensify pregnancy symptoms. 

2. There should be a word more severe than 'nausea' because when I think of experiencing nausea I think 'oh, my tummy hurts I'm just gonna drink a sprite and be on my merry way!' No. NO. The nausea during pregnancy is a 'can't-eat-can't-drink', 'everything-I-smell-see-or-envision-makes-me-sick', 'even-sitting-up-in-bed-or-reaching-for-the-saltines-sends-me-running-to-the-bathroom' kind of nausea.

3. For the first few appointments, you'll be lucky to get out of there in less than 2 hours. My husband and I were shocked at how long we were having to wait, and our office doesn't have internet access! Just be prepared with water, a snack and a book.

4. Oh the constipation. I literally didn't poop for daayyyys during my first trimester and when I did....tears were shed. Drink prune juice, take Colace consistently and drink lots of water.

5. Take everyone's experiences with a grain of salt. Even mine! You will experience pregnancy in your own way. For instance, everything I read said that first-time Moms can't typically feel movement until 20 weeks or later, it made me question whether I was feeling movement or not. But I most definitely felt movement as early as 16 weeks.

6. Just because you're in your second trimester does not mean you're done with the nausea + getting sick. I was so excited to be done with the terrible nausea of the first trimester and was blindsided by the worst nausea at 17 weeks.

7. Buy those maternity pants whenever you feel like it. You know your body best, don't let anyone make you feel guilty for wearing comfy maternity pants at 12 weeks. Every woman carries differently. So maybe Suzie-Shmo didn't need maternity jeans until she was 6 months but this Momma needed them at like 12 weeks! You're creating life, do what you want. 

8. The glucose drink really isn't that bad. I really psyched myself out about it, and honestly it wasn't that bad at all. And apparently I had the worst flavor, red. Don't stress about it.

9. You tend to leak...both north and south. I'm just gonna leave it there. 

10. Water is like magic. I know everyone says when you're pregnant, you need to drink more water...but seriously, drink more water. If your ankles are swelling up - drink water. If you're constipated - drink water. If you have heartburn or acid reflux - drink water. If you have a headache - drink water. If your skin is dry and patchy - drink water. If you're having ligament cramps - drink water. If your legs are hurting and sore - drink water. 'Nuff said.

11. Watch out for anxiety + depression. Personally, I felt pretty depressed during my whole first trimester. I was just so sick and I couldn't go anywhere or see anyone, it was cold out and it was just the perfect breeding ground for my depression. I didn't start feeling anxious until late into my 2nd trimester, I would count kicks and google symptoms, I was so worried that something was wrong. My husband and I have really been praying against the anxiety and I can feel the Lord delivering me from it.

Ladies, don't be ashamed if you experience these emotions. Talk to your hubby. Talk to a girlfriend. It's totally normal, but that doesn't mean that you should deal with it all alone. My Mom's enthusiasm about our pregnancy, was a tremendous uplift to my spirit and encouraged me a lot. Don't hide these feelings from your support system. You'll want to be as physically healthy and emotionally healthy as you can to take on the new challenges of Mommyhood! 

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to hear some of your unexpected pregnancy symptoms/experiences! 


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