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28 June 2014

Hospital Bag: What I'm Packing

I've always been terrified of not being prepared for events.

I remember having nightmares as a kid that my Mom would wake me up on the day we needed to leave for church camp and I wouldn't have time to pack everything I might need.

We needed an entire uhal + conversion van in order to move everything I had packed for my college dorm room. I'm excessive, I know. But it makes me feel prepared and less anxious.

So obviously, I'm no different when it comes to packing my hospital bag for labor + delivery.

I went ahead and packed my hospital bag (I'm currently 34 weeks) because I was just recently put on modified bed rest due to some early labor progress and I just felt better knowing that it was taken care of. Most Moms don't usually pack their bag until they're 37-38 weeks.

I started researching 'what to pack for the hospital' at like 12 weeks pregnant (am I type-A or what?), I've also contacted several Moms (first time Moms, second time Moms and Moms who had just given birth) to find out what they brought with them to the hospital, what they actually used and what the hospital provided.

Since obviously every hospital and every Mom is different, I've tailored my bag to suit my own needs + comforts. This is the exhaustive list of everything that is currently packed (with some commentary) + what I will throw in the bag right before we walk out the door.

Note: This is not a "hospital bag necessities" blog post, this is obviously more than just the basics. You don't need everything listed here, I just thought it might be helpful for other Moms to see what I plan to bring to the hospital!

I plan to do an updated hospital bag blog post after we've delivered, that covers what I actually used, what I wasn't told my hospital provided, and what I wish I had brought with me!

- shampoo/conditioner (I packed travel sized ones for both me and hubby to use to take up less space)
- body wash for her (travel size)
- body wash for him (travel size)
- deodorant for her (travel size)
- deodorant for him (travel size)
- blow dryer (I packed a small portable one to take up less space)
- hair brush (small)
- burts bees chapstick (apparently this is more essential than I realized, our Lamaze instructor mentioned bringing chapstick several times, because Moms can get dried out with all the breathing through contractions)
- hairspray for her (travel size)
- hairspray for him (travel size)
- hair ties/headband/bobby pins
- dry shampoo
- make up remover wipes
- face wash
- face toner mist 
- face lotion
- burts bees cleansing towelettes 
- roller ball perfume
- toothbrush/toothpaste for her (travel size)
- toothbrush/toothpaste for him (travel size)
- mouthwash 
Toiletries to pack:
- hair product for him
- razor + shave cream for him
- razor for her
- straightener

All of these items will need to be packed right before:
- other daily prescriptions 
- essential oils (I plan to bring all my everyday oils)

Tech Stuff
- camera/charger
Tech Stuff to pack:
- phone/charger for her
- phone/charger for him
- computer/charger

All of these items will need to be packed right before: (it may seem excessive, but these are the items needed for my '5 minute face' look -- apparently I'm a little high maintenance)
- foundation/brush
- concealer/sponge blender
- powder/brush
- blush/brush
- bronzer
- eyeliner
- mascara
- setting spray

Momma's Clothes
- 1 regular nursing bra 
- leggings (I've had some Moms tell me that they loved their leggings and others have told me that with all the bulkiness going on 'down there', leggings make you look ridiculous) 
- cotton briefs (I purchased a package that I plan to throw away after use)
- 2 pairs of socks
- cardigan
- 2 black comfy nightgowns (I anticipate that I will want to wear the hospital gown most of the time, but I thought these may be nice to have just in case)
- flip flops 
- going home outfit (maxi skirt, black nursing t-shirt)
- robe

Daddy's Clothes
All of these items will need to be packed right before:
- 3 pairs of underwear
- 3 t-shirts
- shorts
- flip flops

- small portable plug-in fan
- Everybody Loves Raymond (just in case I would like to have some comedic relief/distractions)
- washcloths (to wet my mouth if needed - it was suggested to us by our Lamaze instructor to bring rags from home because we'll be breathing through them and the hospital ones smell like bleach)
- massage lotion (our Lamaze instructor reminded us that a light, fresh scent is probably best since many women have a heightened sense of smell during labor)
- focal point (a picture of my husband and I - not sure if I'll end up using this or not) 
- sleep mask (I read somewhere that it might be difficult to sleep after delivery if you deliver during the day, we'll see if I actually end up using this)
Comforts to pack:
- pillows (our Lamaze instructor reminded us that the hospital pillows have white covers, so if we don't want our pillows to accidentally get thrown in with theirs, we should have some kind of color/design on the covers)
- blanket

- my brest friend or boppy
- colace
- new mama bottom spray
- nipple cream (boobease, earth mama angel baby)
- nursing pads (lasinoh disposable, lasinoh gel pads, bamboobies cotton pads)
Post-partum/Nursing to pack:
- coconut oil (I plan to use this for whatever; nipple cream, face lotion, soothe my eczema, baby's needs)

- tissues
- gum

All these items will need to be packed right before:
- protein bars
- protein powder/mixer bottle for dad

- hospital documents/folder (we pre-registered at our hospital, but it can't hurt to bring the docs)
- baby memory book
- notebook/pen
Paper items to pack:
- planner
- wallet

- burp cloths
- woombie (I'm bringing several different swaddlers for my hubby and I to practice)
- sleeper 
- 2 different kinds of pacifiers (our hospital is very pro-breastfeeding and doesn't recommend/provide pacifiers during the hospital stay - I have several friends who breastfeed successfully and gave their babies pacifiers early on, so we're bringing our own just in case) 
- Ava Baby wash, lotion, diaper cream (this is an all-natural, non-toxic brand that was given to me at a shower, I love the way that it smells and I love that it's super baby-safe)
- presentation outfit (this was suggested to me by another Mom as a cute outfit to put baby in when you know you will have visitors)
- take home outfit
- photo shoot outfit
- baby socks (2 pairs)
- mittens
- headbands (I'm bringing quite a few options in case some are too big/too small)
- 2 hats (I'm not sure which size will best fit her, so I want to have options)
- dreft stain remover pen (her photo shoot outfit is a white dress - this may be a lost cause)
Baby items to pack:
- car seat

+ Big tote bag to bring home everything the hospital provides/gifts.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any recommendations/tips please comment below!

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