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02 June 2014

30 Week Bump Update

  • How far along: 30 weeks! Um. We have 10 weeks till our due date. Whoa. 
  • Gender: Girl! 
  • Weight gain: +1.2 lbs this week. Overall weight gain is 6.8 lbs. 
  • Maternity clothes: I haven't purchased any new maternity clothes (although I did purchase these super comfy Sam and Libby sandals and these adorable sandals). But I've been practically living in these comfy shorts, and maternity t-shirts. It's starting to get super hot here in Texas, I foresee a couple new maxi skirts are in my future. They are so light and breezy, and they don't have to be maternity, so I can wear them after Daphne gets here! 
  • Stretch Marks: None yet, still using my coconut oil! 
  • Belly button in or out: In. But it's practically flat! 
  • Sleep: Still having a hard time actually falling asleep, but sleeping well when I do get to sleep. I have jolted awake around 4:30 every night absolutely STARVING. I've been keeping Cliff bars by my bedside table, so I just unwrap one of those and all is well. 
  • Best moment this week: The highlight of my week would definitely be when my incredible husband painted my toenails for me! Daphne is so high that I can barely bend down to get something off the floor. He was so sweet, although not super thrilled, and did such a great job! Best hubby ever. 
  • Worst moment this week: I did a really dumb thing. On Saturday night, our church had an after church social and by the time church had ended, I was....how do I put this....borderline "hangry" (that's what my husband and I call 'angry hunger'). So I proceeded to eat 2 and a half corn dogs, which were delicious. But they were still corn dogs. So Saturday night was a little rough, it was entirely my fault, but it was still a rough night. I inhaled some peppermint oil, and my sweet husband literally stroked my hair and rubbed my back till I fell asleep (ya'll, he's the bomb). But I will never be eating another corn dog for the rest of my life. 
  • Miss anything: I have a feeling that I'll be saying the same thing every week until Daphne gets here. I miss being comfortable. I don't know how to describe it but my belly just feels exhausted. Daphne is so high that it's hard to breathe sometimes, and like I've said before, I've mastered the waddle. 
  • Movement: I have such an active little girl on my hands! Although she's running out of room, she finds a way to dance and shimmy all the time!
  • Symptoms: Fatigue, tight belly, hunger, indigestion, difficulty falling asleep, mild acid reflux, mild constipation, leg pain, and itchy belly. 
  • Cravings: I had a craving for something sweet this week and this 50 cent ring pop hit the spot! 
  • Queasy or sick: I felt pretty sick on Saturday night, again entirely my fault. But again, peppermint oil has been my lifesaver! 
  • Looking forward to: My husband and I will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary this week! I still can hardly believe we've been married that long! I also can't wait to give him his anniversary gift! 
Thank you for stopping by!

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