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19 May 2014

28 Week Bump Update

The 6'3" vantage point for this week's picture is because my hubby took this shot at his parents' house!
  • How far along: 28 weeks! 
  • Gender: Girl!
  • Weight gain: 5.8 lbs. Overall weight gain is 4.2 lbs. 
  • Maternity clothes: Haven't purchased anything new, but I've been wearing my maternity tops and stretchy non-maternity shorts a lot lately. I got to wear my two new maternity dresses at a family wedding this weekend! 

  • Stretch Marks: None.
  • Belly button in or out: In. 
  • Sleep: I've slept well this week, the only rough nights I had were when we were out of town. I think the lack of sleep had more to do with the different bed than it did the pregnancy. The new thing I've found during this stage of our pregnancy is that it feels like my belly needs to be "supported" when I lay on my side to sleep. I've just been feeling huge, so it can make finding a comfortable sleeping position difficult. 
  • Best moment this week: I have two! This weekend we were able to visit with my husband's family and watch his older sister get married! It was a beautiful wedding! We were also able to squeeze in a visit with our best friends who just recently moved to the same town! It was an exhausting weekend but we left feeling so thankful for the awesome family and friends that we have in our lives! We tried to get a picture with our friends' daughter before we left, I thought the progression of pictures was hilarious. Gosh, we can't wait to have our own little one here!
  • Worst moment this week: Our drive home from my husband's hometown was a rough one. We were so exhausted, my poor guy made the drive with no complaints, but at one point it felt like we would never be home. 
  • Miss anything: I definitely missed my own bed this weekend. There's just nothing like the comforts of home. 
  • Movement: She's been dancing up a storm in there! It's so crazy to watch her move around and watch my belly move with her! Kinda creepy...but mostly precious. 
  • Symptoms: Fatigue, hunger, sore legs and feet, hormonal outbreaks (oh the tears...) and feeling a bit like a huge whale. While we were visiting my husband's family this weekend, we went to see his two younger sisters in their dance recital. Before they went on, a group of 3 year old girls in blue tu-tus came out onto the stage and danced to what can only be described as the most emotional song I have ever heard. I was not prepared. I proceeded to bawl my eyes and laugh at the same time because I was so embarrassed. My husband thought it was hilarious. I also cried during my sister-in-law's dance solo, when my brother-in-law informed me that he had a gift for Daphne and when my husband played the offertory at the church he grew up in. Whew. It's been an emotional time. Thank you pregnancy. 
  • Cravings: There is a coney place in my husband's hometown that we go to every time we are home. We made sure that we went there this weekend and it was so good. So bad for you. But so good. 
  • Queasy or sick: Haven't been feeling sick necessarily, but I have found myself eating too much and just feeling a little indigestion/'stuffed' feeling. But...entirely my fault. 
  • Looking forward to: We have a doctor's appointment this week, and then we start seeing her every 2 weeks. We're getting closer and closer!

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