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12 May 2014

27 Week Bump Update

  • How far along: 27 weeks! Officially third trimester! 
  • Gender: Girl!
  • Weight gain: 0 -- haven't gained or lost weight this week. Overall weight gain/loss is -1.6 lbs. 
  • Maternity clothes: I've never really been a dress person. I remember my Mother battling with me when I was younger to get me into these frilly dresses, and I always hated it. But now that I'm getting to be further along in my pregnancy, I have been loving dresses. I feel so much more comfortable and it's just easier! I especially love my maxi dresses, I purchased this maxi dress online a couple weeks ago and have been wearing another striped maxi that I purchased from Ross. 
  • Stretch marks: None yet! Still using my coconut oil!
  • Belly button in or out: In. 
  • Sleep: I've been having issues with my anxiety this week so it's been difficult falling asleep. And I keep waking up on my back throughout the night, so I've been having to do a lot of adjusting. I'm just generally more uncomfortable than I've ever been so a simple motion like rolling over is just not fun
  • Best moment this week: That would have to be getting to see my daughter via ultrasound again! I have been experiencing some mild cramps this week and had been quite worried about Daphne. I was battling a cold for the first half of this week and not drinking enough water, so I thought the cramps may have been because I was a bit dehydrated. I had also read that the stretching ligaments (oh how fun) can cause mild cramping as well. But I still wanted to be sure that it wasn't anything serious, so we called my doctor and she was awesome and checked both Daphne and myself and we are looking perfect!
I think that entering my third trimester has caused a lot more anxiety for me because I feel like I need to start actually preparing. I like to be in control, and I realize that I have no control over when Daphne decides to come. Being prepared makes me feel more empowered and less anxious. So I've been reading my labor book and praying for peace. 

Mother's Day was also a special day for me, definitely one of my 'best moments' this week! Here my hubby and I are at church this weekend! I can't wait till next year! 

  • Worst moment this week: Like I said, I was battling a cold earlier this week and I was pretty miserable. There were literally piles of tissues on the floor next to wherever I was sitting, it was quite pathetic. I was using every pill, nasal spray, cream and essential oil I could get my hands on. Our apartment smelled super weird. But in the end, I guess you just have to let these things run their course. 
  • Miss anything: A cold lunchmeat sandwich. I have been warming up my deli meat, if I ever wanted a sandwich, but this week I've just really been hankering for a cold turkey sandwich. Cold lunchmeat was one of the only foods my doctor advised me to avoid, so I've been avoiding it. It's because precooked meats can sometimes carry listeriosis, which can cause a lot of issues for pregnant women and their babes. Listeriosis can also be found in unpasteurized milk and soft cheeses. 
  • Movement: Daphne has been moving so much and so often, I love it! At this point, her movements make my whole belly move, which is so fun for me to watch. She also has gotten the hiccups several times this week, which can be a little annoying, but I secretly love it. She's measuring about two weeks ahead right now, so who knows we may not make it until our due date! I hear baby's don't always honor those dates anyway! 
  • Symptoms: Leg pain/soreness, lightheadedness, fatigue, hunger, being uncomfortable, heartburn and back pain.
  • Cravings: All of it. All of the food. I have been eating all the time. I will get up to make myself a snack, sit down to eat it, then get up and make myself another snack. I should be right on track to gain those 20 lbs. my doctor wants me to gain in the next 3 months. 
  • Queasy or sick: Neither! Just a bit of heartburn sometimes. 
  • Looking forward to: Our friends (who just so happen to be amazing photographers) are coming into town this week and they will also be taking our maternity pictures! I'm so excited to see them (it's been 3 years!) and to capture this special time in our lives! If you live in the Tampa, FL area you should totally check out Jake Ford Photography! He's shot my engagements, bridals, wedding and family pictures, (check out our family session on Jake's blog) it seemed only natural that he take my maternity pictures! 

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