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She Shares Truth: Camp Decisions + Nehemiah

I was TOTALLY one of those Christian camp girls who 'got saved' year after year. I rededicated my life to Christ pretty much every summer. I remember coming home and being so excited to have my quiet time with God every single day, I was gonna invite every person in my school to church with me, I was going to obey my parents and not fight with my siblings...basically, my plan was to come home and be a perfect little angel for Christ.


I remember one specific year, I had done an especially good amount of "rededicating" and "recommitting", unfortunately I had also decided that I would wear my pajamas all day every day instead of the lovely outfits my Mother had packed for me.

No sooner had my parents stepped out of their mini-van to pick us up, did I hear "RACHEL NOELLE! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WEARING?!" And rightfully so, I mean, I literally looked like an 11 year old hobo.

Almost instantly, all of my excitement and passion to 'start living…

29 Week Bump Update + Hospital Bag Advice

How far along: 29 weeks! Gender: Girl!Weight gain: I've gained 1.4 lbs this week. Overall weight gain is 5.6 lbs. Maternity clothes: I purchased a pair of maternity shorts this week and another maternity t-shirt, definitely both needed.  Stretch Marks: None so far. I really do recommend coconut oil to help prevent stretch marks! I use 'help prevent' very loosely, because I'll probably wake up with a road map on my belly at week 37.  Belly button in or out: In. Sleep: Oh sleep. I've been super tired this week, like can-barely-walk-up-the-stairs tired. But for some reason, I haven't been falling asleep very quickly at night. When I do get to sleep, I don't usually wake up until about 6 or 7. But for some reason falling asleep has been a challenge. Maybe it's just all the things-to-do bouncing around in my head! It doesn't help that Daphne's favorite place to be lately has been all the way over on my right side, taking up the space from my ribs to m…

28 Week Bump Update

The 6'3" vantage point for this week's picture is because my hubby took this shot at his parents' house! How far along: 28 weeks! Gender: Girl!Weight gain: 5.8 lbs. Overall weight gain is 4.2 lbs. Maternity clothes: Haven't purchased anything new, but I've been wearing my maternity tops and stretchy non-maternity shorts a lot lately. I got to wear my two new maternity dresses at a family wedding this weekend! 
Stretch Marks: None. Belly button in or out: In. Sleep: I've slept well this week, the only rough nights I had were when we were out of town. I think the lack of sleep had more to do with the different bed than it did the pregnancy. The new thing I've found during this stage of our pregnancy is that it feels like my belly needs to be "supported" when I lay on my side to sleep. I've just been feeling huge, so it can make finding a comfortable sleeping position difficult. Best moment this week: I have two! This weekend we were able to v…

27 Week Bump Update

How far along: 27 weeks! Officially third trimester! Gender: Girl!Weight gain: 0 -- haven't gained or lost weight this week. Overall weight gain/loss is -1.6 lbs. Maternity clothes: I've never really been a dress person. I remember my Mother battling with me when I was younger to get me into these frilly dresses, and I always hated it. But now that I'm getting to be further along in my pregnancy, I have been loving dresses. I feel so much more comfortable and it's just easier! I especially love my maxi dresses, I purchased this maxi dress online a couple weeks ago and have been wearing another striped maxi that I purchased from Ross. Stretch marks: None yet! Still using my coconut oil!Belly button in or out: In. Sleep: I've been having issues with my anxiety this week so it's been difficult falling asleep. And I keep waking up on my back throughout the night, so I've been having to do a lot of adjusting. I'm just generally more uncomfortable than I'…

26 Week Bump Update

How far along: 26 weeks! Next week we'll be in our third trimester, AH!Gender: We're having a girl! Weight gain: I gained .1 lbs. this week. Overall weight gain/loss is -1.6 lbs. Maternity clothes: I purchased some maternity clothes this past week at Ross, and I am so glad that I did! The dress above is actually not a maternity dress, it's just a maxi but it works so well for my ever-growing bump! I also purchased this dress for a formal wedding in a couple weeks, I love it! Stretch marks: None yet! I've started to use frankincense on my tummy, I've read that it helps with stretch marks - we'll see! Belly button in or out: In. Sleep: My peace & calming refill came in this week, so I have been sleeping like a dream! I've had to get up to go to the bathroom frequently during the night, but I've been falling back to sleep alright. The only issue I've had has been worry, I've been more worried about Daphne this week than ever before. I'm so …

She Shares Truth: Commissioned Moments

I used to be such a people-person.

My parents called me their social butterfly. If there was a gathering of people, I wanted to be there. It didn't matter what it was, I wanted in.

This personality went with me to college where it really seemed to benefit me, I met all kinds of people and most of them are still in my life today!

But then, I got hurt.

It wasn't one event, or one person that hurt me. It was several over a period of time. I realized that the people that had the power to really hurt me, were those that I had let in as my close friends. I realized that if I never introduced myself to people, they never had the opportunity to hurt me. I realized that if no one knew my name, no one would gossip about me. If no one thought I was worth knowing, than no one would truly know me, and I became totally okay with that.

I'm sharing a little bit of my story today because the She Reads Truth ministry has made a big impact on my life. I'm linking up with them today to s…