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12 February 2014

Favorite Pregnancy + Fertility Apps

When my husband and I first decided to start trying to get pregnant, a friend of mine suggested tracking my basal body temperature. After purchasing a basal body thermometer, I found these two apps to help me keep track of my temperature and ovulation. Whether you're trying to get pregnant, avoid pregnancy or just trying to know your body better, I would definitely recommend them!

The Kindara app is really great, definitely the sleeker looking of the two. But just as informative and resourceful! I didn't like the calendar aspect of this app as much.

Fertility Friend would have to be my all-time favorite fertility app! It was so easy to enter the temp and any notes I wanted to make. I especially liked the calendar on this app, because with one quick glance I could look at all my information. And when you're trying to get pregnant...you'll be glancing a lot.

Tracking my BBT really helped me in so many ways. Trying to get pregnant can be difficult and if it takes you longer than you expected, it can make you feel like a failure. Sometimes it requires more trying than you think and that can get stressful. These apps helped me not stress so much about it, while also taking control of my fertility. 

There are so many different pregnancy apps, I have downloaded (and deleted!) quite a few. I wanted to share with you my favorite ones and what I like most about them. 

I love the What to Expect app because each week has a corresponding video that documents the growth and development of your baby. It also provides access to a lot of different articles and advice for each week of pregnancy. The "common symptoms" section for each week offers advice and helpful tips for how to deal with some of the discomfort associated with pregnancy. 

Sprout is my absolute favorite pregnancy app. Hands down. I had the lite version for awhile but upgraded to the full version once I knew I loved it! I love the pictures of the baby for each week, they are so detailed. Each week also has weekly advice and daily advice. One of my favorite features is the timeline, it shows you what type of doctor appointments to expect and at what week they typically do different kinds of testing. You can also enter your baby's name and gender! 

This is what my baby looks like right about now (from Sprout)! He/she looks like a little person! It's hard to believe how tiny they still are!

I'd love to know what some of your favorite pregnancy apps are! Thanks for reading!

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