17 Weeks Bump Update + Fav Pregnancy Book

  • How far along: 17 weeks! 
  • Gender: Our ultrasound tech gave us a good guess at our last appointment, but we're waiting to make an official announcement until our anatomy scan. The baby was all balled up like a little pretzel, so hopefully we'll get a better "look" in a couple weeks. 
  • Weight gain: I've gained .6 lbs.! Woo-hoo! Doc said I've got about 20 more to gain from now until the due date. Bring on the Blue Bell.
  • Maternity clothes: Still wearing my Old Navy maternity jeans, and regular pre-pregnancy tops. Although I have purchased a few super cute maternity tops in the past few weeks. And am tempted to wear them all the time because they're so soft!! Don't judge.
  • Stretch marks: None yet. Still slathering lotion all over! I use the Body Shop Moringa body butter, and found out last week that it's great for elasticity! And it smells HEAVENLY.
  • Belly button in or out: In.
  • Sleep: This week has been kinda weird, I have woken up pretty nauseous in the middle of the night. It helps when I eat a little, so I'm assuming I just need to eat earlier and more regularly. I've also decided to save a hundred bucks on the pregnancy pillow and just ask my husband to sleep right up along side of me all night, so I stay on my side :) I think he's a big fan....jk. 
  • Best moment this week: I have two best moments for this week, the first is that someone anonymously purchased our stroller for us!! We set it up right away and absolutely LOVE it! Can't wait to find out who it was! My second favorite moment this week would be hanging out and eating tacos with my close friends, one of whom is probably going to have her baby in the next week or so! We took a picture of our baby bumps together before she left! (Keep in mind that we ate tacos, so my bump is probably more food than baby)

  • Worst moment this week: That would definitely be Sunday. I was sick allll day. Woke up nauseous and continued to feel awful through that night. So either baby didn't like something I ate on Saturday, or this is just pregnancy and I better get used to feeling awesome one second and like death the next. Bring it on. I'm having a baby. 
  • Miss anything: MY MOM. But seriously. I wish she just lived with me and we could just gush about babies and life and ministry 24/7. She is hands-down my bestie and she will be the best Mom-mom in the world. 
  • Movement: I hate to be one of those new Moms who thinks they feel movement as early as 16-17 weeks....but I think I have! I mean really faint flutters, but I'm almost positive that it was a little baby moving around and not my 3rd strawberry pop tart. 
  • Symptoms: Mild cramping, nausea (boo!), dizziness, congestion and fatigue. 
  • Cravings: I've been trying to eat more and also eat healthy, so I've strategically shopped for a bunch of fruit and veggies and healthy protein! Unfortunately the pop tarts are still in the house, so that's been my go-to. 
  • Queasy or sick: A bit of both. Ugh. But I'm having a baby so wa-hoo! 
  • Looking forward to: Finding out, for sure, what gender we're having! I'm so excited! I doubt we'll do any kind of gender reveal party, but we do plan on announcing once we find out! 

I also wanted to share with you a book that my Mom sent me that has quickly become one of my favorite books for pregnancy! I was a bit overwhelmed with What to Expect, and this book offers a more light-hearted, sarcastic, yet godly overview of the whole pregnancy experience. It's SUCH an easy read and also super informative!

So if you're looking for a different pregnancy book, I 100% suggest "The Christian Mamas Guide to Having a Baby" (she also has books for other stages of raising children, and a blog!).


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