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God is Faithful

My husband and I were so thrilled to find out that we were expecting a baby. We called immediate family and our closest friends and asked them to keep the secret with us and pray for a healthy baby and pregnancy.
At our first sonogram, I expected to see a little tiny dot in the middle of that black circle and was so disappointed to see absolutely nothing. The technician didn't say anything definitive, but I knew something wasn't right. Just moments before she was gushing with us about how this baby would be the first grandbaby for both of our parents.
The doctor told us that the sonogram was inconclusive and that we were either not as far along as we assumed, or this pregnancy will end in a miscarriage. It was too early to tell.
I left that day feeling so devastated. I just wanted a little bit of certainty that everything would be alright. But I guess one of the hardest things about being pregnant is the worry and the wait.
If you're reading this and you're a moth…