Washing + Conditioning Your Brushes

I used to spend money (wayy too much money) on brush cleaner, and now that I know that I can wash my brushes BETTER and CHEAPER with everyday products from home...I solemnly swear I will never buy brush shampoo ever again. 

Here is how you do it! 

Start out with extra virgin olive oil + dishwashing liquid + a plate + alllll your brushes. 

Next pour the olive oil + dishwashing liquid onto the plate + dip your brushes into the mixture while rubbing the brush onto your palm to create a lather. 

Yes, that is my toilet. Yes, those are my feet. In hindsight, there was probably a better place to photograph this. 

Set each brush aside onto a towel until you've finished washing all the brushes. Notice I have not rinsed them yet!

Now you can rinse them! Start with the first brush that you lathered in the mixture and rinse against the palm of your hand (brush facing down, so as not to loosen the brush hair) until the water runs clear. 

You can reshape the brushes before you lay them out to dry, if you'd like. I'm sure there is a better way to let your brushes dry, but this works for me!

Here is what they look like all clean and laying out to dry! Your brushes will feel so soft because of the oil and the soap will clean them better than any "brush shampoo" ever will! 

Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!


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