Make Up Organization

I'm excited to post my new make up organization today! I have been applying my make up at the bathroom sink and it is just not ideal. So I picked up this ridiculously inexpensive desk at Ikea and I have loved it! I've also had my eye on this chair and cart from Ikea to help create my new make-up space.

I've also been using a basic vanity mirror with a magnified side and a regular side. I'd love to upgrade to a lighted mirror at some point. 

On top of my vanity I keep my perfumes, a calendar and my favorite picture of my Dad and I. There is a small shelf below the tabletop where I keep special jewelry that I don't usually wear and a bowl with twistybands and hair ties (this shelf was hard to get a good shot of, so you'll just have to trust me). 

This top shelf of my cart organizer is where I keep all my go-to products and brushes (and also my ipod for a bit of entertainment whilst puttin' on my face). I use a make-up organizer and keep a bag there to put products and brushes I used that day to carry with me for touch ups. 

The second shelf is where I keep all my make up. I'm not committed to my current set-up, but for now I'm just using pyrex bowls and a few extra mugs to organize. I have organized my make up by product (and did a little purging in the process).
 I have all my shadows + primer in the upper left corner, my concealers + pencil sharpener in the upper middle, my foundations in the upper right corner, my bronzers in the lower right corner, lip products smack dab in the middle, and eye liner + mascara + eye tools in the lower left corner. 

The bottom shelf is where I keep some of my lotions (+ and old Victoria's Secret body mist that I never use), roller ball perfumes, random samples (from BB) wet wipes and make up removing wipes. 

I hope this encourages those of you wanting a little beauty-corner-on-a-budget! Even though I didn't spend a lot of money, I love my little beauty space (even if it is in our living room!). 

We're moving next week to a 2 BEDROOM apartment so I will soon be able to move my little beauty corner inside our new bedroom! Holla!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great rest of the week!


  1. i am in love with this entire set up girl! I am a totally make up girl 'collector' so I definitely appreicate an amazing set up like yours!

    I am in the process of moving into an new apartment and I can not wait to finally have a great place to get ready in the morning!


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