High Five for Friday!

1. Momma's home cooking. It is SO GOOD to come home. My Mom is hands down the best cook in the world.

2. We went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum this week! It was so interesting to see such ancient artifacts! My favorite scrolls were the Psalms and the Song of Moses, it was awesome to see the Scriptures in that format!

3. Seeing this little guy :) My family's yorkie, named Rudi. He really is the most cat-like dog you'll ever meet, but I love him to death and love that he let me cuddle with him for a little bit this week.

4. My whole family (minus my husband) was together this week for Easter! It was so good to just be together!

5. Thursday was "Spoil-Mom-Rotten Day", which was probably my favorite day! This is a picture of Mom getting her make up done at BareMinerals (shocker!) and we purchased some of the products they used! (I may or may not have picked up a KILLER pink lip gloss for myself...stay tuned). We then proceeded to shop around for some white tops and headed to Alms Park for a little photography session with S.Storms Photography! I'm so excited to see how these mother/daughter photos turn out!

Hope you're week has been wonderful! As usual I'm linking up with (probably my favorite blogger ever) From My Grey Desk Blog! God Bless! 


  1. I am drooling over the looks of that dish! Aw I love yorkies! I really hope to have one in a few years.. but I hear they can be quite the hand full!

    have a great weekend!

  2. Such a cute idea to have a "spoil-mom-rotten-day"!! I might need to steal that. Happy Friday!

  3. I would LOVE to see the Dead Sea Scrolls!!! That's awesome :)


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