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18 April 2013

Make Up Organization

I'm excited to post my new make up organization today! I have been applying my make up at the bathroom sink and it is just not ideal. So I picked up this ridiculously inexpensive desk at Ikea and I have loved it! I've also had my eye on this chair and cart from Ikea to help create my new make-up space.

I've also been using a basic vanity mirror with a magnified side and a regular side. I'd love to upgrade to a lighted mirror at some point. 

On top of my vanity I keep my perfumes, a calendar and my favorite picture of my Dad and I. There is a small shelf below the tabletop where I keep special jewelry that I don't usually wear and a bowl with twistybands and hair ties (this shelf was hard to get a good shot of, so you'll just have to trust me). 

This top shelf of my cart organizer is where I keep all my go-to products and brushes (and also my ipod for a bit of entertainment whilst puttin' on my face). I use a make-up organizer and keep a bag there to put products and brushes I used that day to carry with me for touch ups. 

The second shelf is where I keep all my make up. I'm not committed to my current set-up, but for now I'm just using pyrex bowls and a few extra mugs to organize. I have organized my make up by product (and did a little purging in the process).
 I have all my shadows + primer in the upper left corner, my concealers + pencil sharpener in the upper middle, my foundations in the upper right corner, my bronzers in the lower right corner, lip products smack dab in the middle, and eye liner + mascara + eye tools in the lower left corner. 

The bottom shelf is where I keep some of my lotions (+ and old Victoria's Secret body mist that I never use), roller ball perfumes, random samples (from BB) wet wipes and make up removing wipes. 

I hope this encourages those of you wanting a little beauty-corner-on-a-budget! Even though I didn't spend a lot of money, I love my little beauty space (even if it is in our living room!). 

We're moving next week to a 2 BEDROOM apartment so I will soon be able to move my little beauty corner inside our new bedroom! Holla!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great rest of the week!

12 April 2013

High Five for Friday!

1. A clean house. A clean home is ALWAYS the highlight of my week!

2. Ended my trip home with a great visit to the Newport Aquarium! Pictured are my two beautiful sisters!

3. Love that I get to cook again. I'm so grateful to be able to stay at home, so proud of my hard-working husband. This was the tilapia that I made for dinner on Monday night!

4. This Daniel study is getting pretty intense. Had to catch up this week and I feel like I'm taking a Bible history course, but I love it!

5. This poor guy hasn't been feeling well this week, which is really sad but he's been extra cuddly!

Linking up with From My Grey Desk blog for H54F! 

11 April 2013

Mother + Daughter Photoshoot

I absolutely LOVED visiting my family last week! The trip was long overdue, and even though I was there for nine days it only felt like two or three...

So while I was home I wanted to do something special for my Mom, her birthday is next week and obviously Mother's Day is right around the corner. She's a difficult person to buy presents for because if you ask her what she wants, she usually says "peace and quiet" (which is, of course, MUCH to difficult to gift wrap).

We don't have very many pictures together, which is mostly because my Mom despises having her picture taken (although I seem to be a little too camera ready), but I thought it would be sweet if we just made a day of it so she would become excited about the photoshoot :)

I took her to Bare Minerals to have her make up done, and then we proceeded to purchase almost every product they used on her! I'm telling you, Bare Minerals is the BOMB. Some of her favorites were the Prime Time Neutralizing Foundation Primer,  the Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in Witty and of course the Ready Foundation.

After her make up looked absolutely perfect, we went to Ann Taylor where she chose this beautiful white linen top for the photoshoot (we chose white as our "color" for the shoot...we're really exciting people).

We arrived at Alms Park around 5:30 and it was just a perfect location for our shoot! The lighting was just right and our photographer was amazing! Shout out to S.Storms Photography for doing such a wonderful job and being so easy to work with!

If you are in the Cincinnati area and are looking for a professional, easy-to-work with and talented photographer, Savannah's your girl! 

My Mom enjoyed herself and I'm so glad that we have these great looking photos for years to come! So without further ado, below are some of my favorite shots from our session! 

Hope you all have a blessed week! Thanks for stopping by! 

10 April 2013

Oh How Pinteresting!

Linking up with The Vintage Apple today for OHP! 
P.S. This is the most random hodge-podge of pins for this week! And can you tell I've made the shift to homemaker? So many food pins!

Have a blessed day! Thanks for stopping by!

05 April 2013

High Five for Friday!

1. Momma's home cooking. It is SO GOOD to come home. My Mom is hands down the best cook in the world.

2. We went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum this week! It was so interesting to see such ancient artifacts! My favorite scrolls were the Psalms and the Song of Moses, it was awesome to see the Scriptures in that format!

3. Seeing this little guy :) My family's yorkie, named Rudi. He really is the most cat-like dog you'll ever meet, but I love him to death and love that he let me cuddle with him for a little bit this week.

4. My whole family (minus my husband) was together this week for Easter! It was so good to just be together!

5. Thursday was "Spoil-Mom-Rotten Day", which was probably my favorite day! This is a picture of Mom getting her make up done at BareMinerals (shocker!) and we purchased some of the products they used! (I may or may not have picked up a KILLER pink lip gloss for myself...stay tuned). We then proceeded to shop around for some white tops and headed to Alms Park for a little photography session with S.Storms Photography! I'm so excited to see how these mother/daughter photos turn out!

Hope you're week has been wonderful! As usual I'm linking up with (probably my favorite blogger ever) From My Grey Desk Blog! God Bless! 

03 April 2013

Oh How Pinteresting!

Linking up with The Vintage Apple today for Oh How Pinteresting! Apparently my mind has not completely shifted to spring-time yet, I'm still pinning sweaters and black on black! Oops! 

Hope you all are having a blessed week! I'm currently visiting my family in Ohio, and having a simply MARVELOUS time.