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28 March 2013

New Chapter

There are some changes happenin' in the Wagner house! My husband and I recently made the decision for me to quit my job and stay at home. The most frequently asked question I've received is "What will you be doing?". And also, "Are you pregnant"...which I am not. 

Frankly, it kind of drives me nuts. 

Like, I need to be doing something. I have no problem with women working, but it seems like there are some women that have a problem with other women not working. 

My husband's job requires a lot of him, and he absolutely loves it! He's one of the most talented men you will ever have the privilege of meeting and it is my greatest joy and blessing to be able to support him in that. Being married to a man in full-time ministry can be a full-time job in and of itself. 

But I love it. 

I believe that the Lord gave me the passion that I have for music so that I could be the best wife for my husband. As a lover of music, I get so excited about the music that my husband gets to create! I'm passionate about what he does, and it excites me to know that in my staying at home I will be able to take care of the mundane life things, and free him up to relax, be creative, or even work from home if he needs to. 

I can't wait to plan his favorite meals. And have time to actually cook them! Can I get an "amen"?
I can't wait to provide my husband with a clean and comfortable atmosphere when he comes home. 
I can't wait to take care of the bills and finances. (Never thought you'd hear me say that, did ya Mom?)
I can't wait to iron his shirts so he always has something nice to wear.
I can't wait to make sure the laundry is always caught up. 
I can't wait to take care of our dog, so he doesn't have to. 
I can't wait to keep the kitchen clean and do the dinner dishes so he can relax. 
I can't wait to keep our pantry and fridge fully stocked with all his favs. 

Ya'll probably think I'm nuts. 

And maybe I am, but I'm okay with it. I want to be an "excellent wife" (Prov. 31:10). And I consider myself beyond blessed to be able to have the supportive and loving husband that I have. 

Now, hear me on this. I am not delusional to the fact that I may not always enjoy these things that I'm so excited about now. But right now, I'm excited about them and I believe that this is the next step for our little family. Growing up, my Mom stayed home with us, so I understand the challenges and struggles that it comes with. I know that it can be difficult and even exhausting especially with little ones. 

But that's what I feel called to do. Be the wife of Carson Wagner and the mother of his children. And ya'll....

I can't wait. 

God Bless!


  1. your blog is so adorable. (:


  2. I am so happy for you! I can't wait to be in that chapter as well...it's definitely one of my heart's desires!!
    I also think it's so great how excited you are! :D