High Five for Friday!

1. I received my budget and journal this week from May Books! I absolutely loved creating them, I took advantage of a 40% off coupon and created some for gifts as well!

2. I also received my meal planner, from May Books! I am so excited to use this! Carson and I have made the decision for me to stay at home and quit my job as an administrative assistant here at our church. It was a tough decision, but we trust that it was the right one for our little family. But, one of the first comments out of his mouth was, "I'm so excited for you to cook again." That just made my day!

3. Speaking of the hubs, I absolutely love to listen to him play the piano and this past Sunday at church, he played the most beautiful arrangement of "Behold the Lamb". I only wish we had a piano at home so that I could hear him all the time! So proud...

4. Remember the table that my friend made me a couple weeks ago? Well we finally found these chairs to go with it! I simply painted the legs gold and voila! Loving the fresh new look! #goldfordayz

5. Last but CERTAINLY not least. This week I have let myself get so excited for my trip to visit my family over Easter. I haven't been home in about 2 years, so this visit is long overdue! I miss doing life with these two amazing people pictured above. Can. Not. Wait.

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  1. I keep hearing about these maybooks, I guess I thought they were just blank journals this whole time, but maybe not?! I'll have to check them out. Yours are ADORBS! Love the Chevron!

    1. Oh no girl! Go check out the site! They have budget journals, meal planners, baby bump journals....it's addicting! :)

  2. have fun at home and enjoy it! knowing the feeling of long distance, it makes you appreciate your family from far away so much more! love you- be safe!


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