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11 February 2013

Name Dropping

When looking for a good photographer for all those special moments in life a lot of people claim to "know a guy...", they claim their "guy" is the best.

Well, mine is actually the best. 

Jake Ford Photography has taken my engagements, my bridals, done my wedding, and my family pictures. It's safe to say that I'm their biggest fan :) It also helps that they are good friends of mine and not only are they trustworthy, hilarious and ethical but they are also excellent photographers. 
They were rated one of The Knot's Best of Weddings 2013 picks! I'm so proud! Click here to see their profile/reviews on The Knot! 

Jake Ford Photography is actually a husband and wife team, Jake is the main photography and Katie's eye for creativity and ability to make you feel comfortable (and also take amazing pictures herself) are essential to their team! 

Here are a few shots that they've taken for us over the years!

Engagements (2010):

Bridals (2010):

Wedding (2010):
By the way, that's Katie Ford on the far left and yes...I was a blonde :)

Wagner Family (2012):

So, not only are they obviously INCREDIBLY talented, they are also incredibly gracious. 

After posting my review on theknot.com and finding out that they were nominated best wedding picks for 2013, I received this precious gift in the mail thanking me for my review! Seriously, love them. 

Book Jake Ford Photography!

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